Sun bunnies: apartment in Malaga with IKEA interiors and juicy accents

This apartment in Malaga is interesting in that it was furnished in a race with time. In a literal sense: the project took two weeks to complete.

If you think that good things are not done quickly – read on, our article (with 35 photos of interiors and a plan for arranging furniture) will dissuade you.

The area of ​​this apartment is 80 sq.m. By Spanish standards, for a family of four (parents and two children) this is not so much, so the most important task was to squeeze maximum comfort out of the space. The competent layout of the space and, of course, the compact and versatile furniture from IKEA helped to implement it.

But how can you, looking at IKEA, ignore their various accessories ?! Of course, there are also a lot of them here – pillows, carpets, lamps, mirrors, etc.

We are sure: even if the area of ​​your apartment is two times less than this one, you will find here in abundance of interesting ideas to note (at least for the living-dining room).

Happy viewing!

Floor plan of this apartment with furniture arrangement – a clear proof of the skill of Spanish designers.


Living-dining room interior Is a game of contrasts. Neutral white and gray are the base, while accents are yellow. And yellow – almost all shades: from lemon to mustard. It is these “drops of the sun” that refresh the room, bringing an energetic touch to the austere interior.

But this room is not only beautiful, but also multifunctional. Practicality is maximized, everything that can be used is used. So, under the sofa for a day’s rest, there are boxes where you can store something bulky. There is a mini-sideboard in a niche above the table – a suspended module that does not clutter up the floor. And right on the corner with the dining room is an open shelving for decor.

Take a look living room interior photo:



yellow-accents-in-spanish-home1-1 yellow-accents-in-spanish-home1-2
yellow-accents-in-spanish-home1-3 yellow-accents-in-spanish-home1-4
yellow-accents-in-spanish-home1-5 yellow-accents-in-spanish-home1-6
yellow-accents-in-spanish-home1-7 yellow-accents-in-spanish-home1-8

…and photos of the dining area:


yellow-accents-in-spanish-home3-1 yellow-accents-in-spanish-home3-2
yellow-accents-in-spanish-home3-3 yellow-accents-in-spanish-home3-4
yellow-accents-in-spanish-home3-5 yellow-accents-in-spanish-home3-6

view from the dining room to the hallway:


Miniature kitchenette in light colors, it is made in one row – there is not much space to experiment with the form. Instead of a table – a folding table top with a pair of stools. Perfect for a quick breakfast!


yellow-accents-in-spanish-home5-1 yellow-accents-in-spanish-home5-2

Children’s room made as befits a room of twins: the same colors so that the interior looks the same, but at the same time different decor – after all, even the closest relatives do not want to be exact copies of each other. Moreover, girls.


yellow-accents-in-spanish-home6-1 yellow-accents-in-spanish-home6-2
yellow-accents-in-spanish-home6-3 yellow-accents-in-spanish-home6-4

Parents’ bedroom – in more noble colors: white, cream, light wood and shades of blue. Its beauty lies in symmetry. Symmetrical paintings above the headboard, a rug with the same pattern as the bedding.

Even the bedside benches – not one, as is usually the case, but two. This is done not only for the sake of symmetry, but also for reasons of practicality. Two benches – double the storage space and the ability to change without getting in the way.


yellow-accents-in-spanish-home7-1 yellow-accents-in-spanish-home7-2
yellow-accents-in-spanish-home7-3 yellow-accents-in-spanish-home7-4

AND in the bathroom the already familiar white-gray duet dilutes the turquoise. Quite logical: this color is calm enough to help you relax before bed, and at the same time energetic enough to start the work day.


yellow-accents-in-spanish-home8-1 yellow-accents-in-spanish-home8-2

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