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Construction of wooden houses from a bar

Do you want to learn more about the construction of houses from a bar, see photos and prices? If you decide to order the construction of a low-rise building on your own land plot, then we are ready to provide professional assistance. The RUSTEREM company is engaged in the construction of private low-rise buildings according to standard and individual projects of any complexity.

Overview of the stages of construction of houses from a bar

Today, this technology has simplified so much that specialists involved in the construction of houses do not even need a technique (for example, truck cranes). They use hand force, as well as sleds, straps and other devices designed to lift timber. This technology allows you to easily build two- and even three-story buildings.

As for the main stages of the construction of wooden houses from a bar, here it is necessary to highlight:

  • digging a pit;
  • foundation device (such structures have a small mass, so they can be installed even on screw piles);
  • laying load-bearing walls and interfloor floors;
  • installation of engineering communications;
  • the creation of a rafter system and roof;
  • installation of window profiles and door frames;
  • interior decoration.

A similar technology for the construction of wooden houses from profiled timber is generally recognized and is used everywhere. It allows you to get a reliable structure, the operational life of which is equal to one hundred years.

log house

Competent planning allows you to optimize financial costs and, as a result, reduce the cost of building houses from a bar. As a result, such facilities have become much more accessible to ordinary consumers. We are pleased to offer you a large number of standard projects from 1,000,000 rubles and more. This allows you to choose exactly the option that will fit within the allocated budget.

Consumer reviews about the construction of houses from a bar indicate that such structures are optimal for families with children. Take advantage of our offer and you will not be disappointed.

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