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Building a house from round timber

A wooden house means environmental safety, traditional aesthetics, good thermal performance. Log cabin A roundwood structure is a structure assembled from processed (chopped) tree trunks. The first processing option is sanding, which ensures the preservation of the top layer of wood, which gives the walls strength and resistance to atmospheric moisture and frost. In the …

Typical mistakes of shabashniki in the process of building a wooden house. Or what to expect from unscrupulous contractors. (part 2)

Despite the emergence of the latest building materials, log cottages and country houses are still popular. At the same time, with a low professional level of builders, the shortcomings of natural material appear, which reduce the comfort of living in the house and lead to the destruction of wooden structures. There are typical mistakes made …

How to save money when building a wooden house

How to save money when building a wooden house

Real savings are achieved by the following methods: a decrease in the area of ​​housing; lowering the height of the ceilings; replacement of a chopped terrace with a lightweight extension; stage-by-stage construction – order wood in winter, and start work in summer, as funds are accumulated; reducing the number of decorative walls – while reducing …