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How to get rid of mold and mildew in a wooden house

A house made of natural wood is beautiful, colorful, environmentally friendly, but only if mold has not appeared in it. Microscopic fungi gradually destroy building materials and harm human health.

Why does mold appear in a wooden house

Mold fungi occur in high humidity. In conditions of constant dampness, they multiply, forming whole colonies. Gradually, mold spreads along the walls, ceiling, floor of a wooden house, even penetrating into the ceilings.

Increased humidity in a wooden house occurs due to:

  • absence or poor performance of the ventilation system;
  • metal-plastic windows that are not switched to ventilation mode;
  • insufficient heating in the house with increased dampness on the street;
  • freezing of walls, foundations or due to their poor-quality insulation, waterproofing;
  • pipe and roof leaks;
  • the formation of cracks, cracks in walls, ceilings.

Varieties of household mold

There are several types of fungi that can multiply in wood. The main ones are:

  • white – like cotton wool. These microorganisms quickly destroy the structure of wood, are difficult to destroy;
  • black – appear as gray and black spots. Some varieties of this mold are dangerous to humans, as they can penetrate the skin, respiratory tract and even lead to death. Black fungi lend themselves well to destruction with antiseptics, chemicals;
  • blue – look like a blue bloom. These microorganisms not only infect wood fiber, but also lay passages in it through which water flows. This leads to an increase in the moisture content of the logs, their corrosion from the inside.

How to get rid of mold

In order for the fight against the fungus to be successful, it is necessary to first eliminate the cause of its occurrence – the source of excess moisture. External manifestations of mold can be eliminated:

  • mechanically. In case of superficial damage to wood by a fungus, colonies of microorganisms are removed by grinding. Remove layers of material carefully to prevent the spread of spores;
  • with the help of fungicides. These are antifungal chemicals that can stop the growth of a colony, prevent its appearance in the future. They are applied with a brush or spray to the affected areas of the wood;
  • folk remedies. Vinegar is a natural fungicide. It is capable of killing molds without allowing the spread of spores. Apply it by spraying.

How to prevent mold in your home

It is easier to defend against fungus than to get rid of. This requires:

  • during the construction of a house, treat wood with an antifungal impregnation;
  • regulate the operation of the ventilation system;
  • prevent hypothermia at home;
  • timely eliminate roof leaks, pipes;
  • ventilate the premises regularly.

The wooden house needs special care. Only in this case, the housing will retain its unique natural flavor and be safe for its owners.

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