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Typical mistakes of shabashniki in the process of building a wooden house. Or what to expect from unscrupulous contractors. (part 2)

Despite the emergence of the latest building materials, log cottages and country houses are still popular. At the same time, with a low professional level of builders, the shortcomings of natural material appear, which reduce the comfort of living in the house and lead to the destruction of wooden structures. There are typical mistakes made …

Typical mistakes when designing a wooden house. Or what to expect from unscrupulous contractors (part 1)

The creation of a house project from round timber is an important phase in the construction of a wooden house, which requires careful attention to details and nuances. A competent designer takes into account the pros and cons of wood, analyzes the features of the site. Unscrupulous contractors sometimes erect log cabins without calculations and …

Typical and individual projects of a log bath

Typical and individual projects of log houses Any person who decides to build a country house out of wood must initially decide for himself what kind of structure he wants to see on his site. Regardless of whether this building is planned for permanent or seasonal residence, it must be beautiful, cozy and durable. Before …