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How to choose the right home project?

How to choose the right home project?

The construction of any house begins with a project. For an ordinary layman without a construction education, this means that he will have to contact a specialized office focused on the development and creation of projects. And here the question arises – what should be a high-quality house project …

The modern market offers the consumer different options, but the practical value of the proposed projects is very different:

  • A sketch project is, in fact, a set of colorful pictures that do not give almost any useful information for builders, each subsequent stage of construction will require additional solutions. Cheap, beautiful, but useless
  • The design project is the same as in the previous version, but there is likely a significant difference between the result of the designer’s wild fantasy and the final practical implementation. More expensive, looks good, but should only be used as a supplement to the normal building manual
  • The architectural design is a decent structural part of the object, sensible drawings and sections with floor plans, facade and roof plans, as well as recommendations regarding the materials used. The option is good, but it does not give normal information on communication networks, installation features, and so on, respectively, it will not work as the main documentation during construction, and you will have to pay a lot of money for such a project
  • A working project is actually a complete package of necessary documents, consisting of an engineering, architectural and structural part, which provides for all tolerances and standards for construction. Ideally accompanied by conclusions on soils

The latter option guarantees that the builders will correctly complete the stages, and the customer will be able not only to observe, but to control the progress of construction. Naturally, the cost of such a project is high, but, firstly, it is worth it, and secondly, already at the stage of choosing a project, some points are seen that allow the developer to save money.

Which house project to choose if the budget is limited?

There is a list of points that help reduce the total cost of a house, regardless of which project was chosen – standard or individual. Here are the main points that will come in handy when ordering a project:

  • the simpler the geometry of the house, roof and engineering networks, the cheaper it will cost;
  • the local conditions and rules initially taken into account in the project documentation will save you from additional costs in the future;
  • the use of standard building materials, best produced close to the building site, will reduce the overall cost;
  • high-quality insulation of all types and the project, taking into account orientations in the wind and sun, then return with savings on heating and ventilation;
  • the use of ready-made structures (stairs, stoves, etc.) will also significantly reduce the cost of construction.

As for the coziness and comfort of future housing, when choosing a project, several more factors should be taken into account, including the purpose of the house (permanent or temporary residence). Focusing on the quantitative composition of residents (and possible guests), you can determine the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and utility rooms, the shape and placement of the living room, terrace and other elements of the building. And in this regard, finally, advice – you need to be an individualist, and adapt only to yourself and your family!

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