A creative take on Scandinavian style: the interior of a small apartment in Amsterdam

About a year ago, we showed you 12 interpretations of the Scandinavian interior style, created in different countries. This time let’s see how his fans from the Netherlands live.

Marieta, the owner of this apartment, loves Scandinavian style and furniture made from raw wood. She took her marriage and the move as a chance to finally create a Dream House – and it doesn’t matter that the couple got not a luxurious mansion, but a rented two-room apartment of 55 sq.m.

The main advantage of this apartment is the abundance of natural light and a magnificent panorama of the city that opens from any window. Marieta and Tim decided to enhance the impression with a palette that is light enough, but at the same time cozy. This is how this living room came to be, with white walls, light wood floors, graphite-colored furniture and lots of handicrafts.

There are no bright pillows or colored paintings on the walls that we are used to, but the interior is still beautiful and cozy. Find out what makes this impression and see 22 photos of the interiors of this small apartment with a touch of Scandinavian style.


First of all, attracts attention an abundance of textures and patterns – and not on a bright background, but on black and white… Thus, the pillows create an excellent contrast with the graphite-colored sofa, and their unobtrusive rhythmic pattern dilutes the monochromatic palette of the room.


Instead of traditional paintings – black and white postcards and inspirational lettering. They are not as expensive as art objects, and at the same time they are more versatile – you can change the decor at least every week.

small-and-comfy-dutch-apartment3 small-and-comfy-dutch-apartment4
small-and-comfy-dutch-apartment5 small-and-comfy-dutch-apartment6
small-and-comfy-dutch-apartment7 small-and-comfy-dutch-apartment8

Another interesting, but already a natural element of the interior – “strong” texture of rustic wood


Almost everything is made of it: a side table on wheels, a dining table and even a decorative Christmas tree.


By the way, all these things were made by hand by Tim’s father – he also loves working with wood and was happy to help the young people furnish their new apartment. The coat rack was made by Marieta herself from an old shelf and vintage doorknobs. An additional decorative accent is the shelves above the TV to match the walls, filled with cute and unobtrusive decorations.

small-and-comfy-dutch-apartment11 small-and-comfy-dutch-apartment12
small-and-comfy-dutch-apartment13 small-and-comfy-dutch-apartment14

The next thing that adds coziness to the living room is intelligent organization of space… The couple managed to fit everything they needed into a small room by their standards, but at the same time to avoid overload.


So, the dining table, if desired, turns into a craft workshop or reading corner. To make everyone feel comfortable here, the hostess organized not only pendant lamps, but also a table lamp with warm light. There was also a place for decor: pillows on chairs to match the sofa, sheepskin, branches with Christmas tree decorations.

And the last design move that complemented the image of this room – accent wall… It used to be yellow and distracting. Tim suggested painting both the wall and the door leading to the bedroom in charcoal gray. Marieta agreed, and so the room became even brighter and more voluminous than before.

small-and-comfy-dutch-apartment16 small-and-comfy-dutch-apartment17

The kitchen is also a duo of white and graphite. It is enlivened by the same black and white patterns, but on … cutting boards. Instead of hiding them in a corner, Marieta proudly displays the collection. The same applies to the dishes behind the transparent fronts of the kitchen cabinets.


Now let’s look at the bedroom. Here – the same black and white palette, an abundance of light and raw wood.


Not only furniture is made of wood, but even decor items: for example, this pretty house on the bedside table, the work of the hostess herself. Instead of an accent wall, Marieta decided to highlight only the headboard, using wallpaper with a pattern of newspaper pages.

small-and-comfy-dutch-apartment20 small-and-comfy-dutch-apartment21

The bedroom also serves as a home office. To fit a work area for two into a small space, the couple chose a compact work table with the same compact shelving, and put the handicraft items in a large paper bag.


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