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Building a house from round timber

A wooden house means environmental safety, traditional aesthetics, good thermal performance.

log house

Log cabin

A roundwood structure is a structure assembled from processed (chopped) tree trunks.

  • The first processing option is sanding, which ensures the preservation of the top layer of wood, which gives the walls strength and resistance to atmospheric moisture and frost.
  • In the second case, the round timber is rounded – several upper layers are removed from the logs, leaving only a dense core. This facilitates the assembly of the log house, but its durability is somewhat reduced.

The advantages of round timber

Treated logs have a number of significant advantages over other building materials.

The main advantages of round timber:

  • Environmental friendliness. The wood is of natural origin, does not emit toxic substances. At room temperature, tree trunks exude a resinous smell, creating a favorable microclimate in the house.
  • Low weight. Log walls do not exert high pressure on the foundation, which helps to reduce construction costs.
  • Air permeability. Wood fibers regulate air exchange by maintaining a constant humidity level in the room.
  • Low thermal conductivity. Thanks to this, the log house stays warm for a long time in winter.
  • Resistance to freezing. Wood can withstand temperature fluctuations of any amplitude, many freezing and thawing cycles.
  • Affordable price. In forest regions, rounded logs are the most affordable building material. Manual processing leads to a slight increase in the cost of workpieces, but the quality benefits significantly from this.

The main stages of making a house from round timber

The construction of a wooden house begins with the creation of a project and the selection of material. The best quality is coniferous forest. An important point is the choice of the felling method (eg Russian, Norwegian or Canadian). The process of making a log house is divided into several stages.

1. Sanding. From the selected trunks, knots, irregularities and bark are removed.

2. If further processing does not involve rounding, logs are most often calibrated by diameter to simplify assembly, reduce the weight of the log house and create smoother walls.

3. Making cuttings. The grooves in the logs and connecting corner locks are marked (they are usually chopped into a “bowl” or “paw”). After that, with an ax or a saw, select the wood on the marked surfaces.

corner cabin

4. Control assembly. During it, the geometric parameters of the frame and the tightness of the crowns are checked. After that, the logs are numbered and the structure is disassembled.

5. Assembling the house at the customer’s site. The log house is mounted on the foundation, natural insulation is laid in the grooves.

During the manufacturing process, antiseptic and fire-retardant processing of logs is carried out several times.

log house

To build a house from round timber, made in the spirit of modern design solutions, corresponding to building and heat engineering standards, as well as fire safety requirements, you need to contact specialists.

The company “Ctroimdom” offers customers log cabins of any size and configuration, made according to standard and original designs.

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