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How to save money when building a wooden house

Real savings are achieved by the following methods:

  • a decrease in the area of ​​housing;
  • lowering the height of the ceilings;
  • replacement of a chopped terrace with a lightweight extension;
  • stage-by-stage construction – order wood in winter, and start work in summer, as funds are accumulated;
  • reducing the number of decorative walls – while reducing the cost of equipping doorways.

    how to save money on building a house

The cost of a log house, in addition to the price of a log house (50%), includes the costs of the foundation, roofing, installation of windows and doors, laying of communications, finishing work. At the same time, the log house is the basis of the building, you should not save on the quality of log processing, the amount of insulation – this will reduce the service life and worsen the appearance of the house.

What will increase the cost of a log house?

  • the higher the frame, the more difficult and expensive the installation.
  • in the presence of decorative elements on the veranda, in the outlets of the roof, there are pads, processing of logs becomes more complicated
  • the presence of angles in the walls at 45 degrees (usually angles are straight at 90 degrees)
  • multi-pitched or multi-level roofing increases the volume of material, and complicates the installation of the rafter system
  • the need to use logs longer than 6 m.increases the cost of material, processing, delivery becomes more complicated

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