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Typical and individual projects of a log bath

Typical and individual projects of log houses

bath project1Any person who decides to build a country house out of wood must initially decide for himself what kind of structure he wants to see on his site. Regardless of whether this building is planned for permanent or seasonal residence, it must be beautiful, cozy and durable. Before placing an order, our architects invite the client to get acquainted with the advantages of standard and individual projects of wooden houses, as well as view examples of works available in our catalog. This allows you to see the different options and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Types of projects

Our company has its own architectural bureau, whose specialists help each potential developer to embody all his ideas and fantasies on paper. However, before that, the client must make a choice in favor of a standard or individual project of a log house or a bathhouse. If you want to build a building of an unusual design, then the latter option is more suitable for you. To start developing an architectural idea, the customer needs to give the designer his own sketches or diagrams showing the desired structure option. Today, to create project documentation, special computer programs are used that allow you to completely eliminate errors in calculations, and also help to visualize the future frame. It should be borne in mind that an individual project is more expensive than a standard one, but it makes it possible to translate into reality all the customer’s ideas, as well as to fit the building into the surrounding landscape.

bath projectsRegardless of whether a standard or an individual project is ordered, our specialist pre-visits the site in order to make all the necessary measurements and conduct geodetic studies. If an exclusive version of the log house is required, then when developing the documentation, the natural features of the area will also be taken into account: the proximity of water bodies, trees, stones, the presence of a slope.

In order for the building project to be approved, all sanitary standards specified in the legislation must be observed. In particular, a bathhouse, as a fire hazardous facility, must be located at a certain distance from a residential building.

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