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Two-storey log houses are an excellent choice for a family with children

The choice of number of storeys in a private house largely depends on the area – moreover, on the land plot, and on the projected building itself, as well as on the priorities and desires of future residents. In the absence of sufficient space on the territory and the estimated size of the building is 100–150 sq. m option with 2 floors will be preferable to one-story.

If you need to get even more living space – two-story log houses are the only suitable option, saving not only space, but also money.

Turnkey functional two-storey log houses

When erecting two-story houses from a bar, their owners receive many advantages, among which the following are worth noting:

  • minimal shrinkage of structures, allowing you to speed up construction work and carry them out at any time of the year. Imagine that a huge house does not need to stand for a long time, as this is necessary in the case of log houses;
  • healthy indoor microclimate
  • optimal self-regulating air humidity
  • the production of phytoncides to improve overall health
  • no need for additional insulation and exterior decoration, since glued laminated timber is very tightly joined to each other, and also has excellent heat-shielding and decorative characteristics;
  • the opportunity to get much more design solutions, thanks to the length of glued timber elements up to 12–20 m. This means that there are practically no restrictions in the design of residential buildings, because most of the elements do not exceed 12 meters in length.

You can find various projects of wooden houses at the link:


Features of two-story houses

A two-storey log house is a respectable-looking dwelling, where from 3 to 8 people can freely live. Taking up a minimum of space, they are freely placed on a suburban area of ​​several acres, leaving the saved area for outbuildings, a bathhouse, a vegetable garden or a recreation area. And, if you build such houses from laminated veneer lumber, you can also save on building materials (there is no expensive finish).

Among other advantages of a two-story building, it is worth noting:

  • a more familiar and neat look in comparison with one-story housing;
  • cost savings due to the fact that the cost of the roof and foundation remains as in a one-story house, while the area for living in almost doubles. Therefore, a square meter will cost much less;
  • The presence of such beautiful decorative and functional elements as wooden stairs and second lights.
  • excellent view of the surroundings from the top floor of such a building;
  • convenient zoning of space;
  • the ability to arrange balconies and loggias, both on the first and second floors;
  • decrease in the cost of 1 sq. m of the building compared to one-story buildings. Although the total cost estimate for a two-story wooden house is increasing;
  • the increased temperature on the second floor, thanks to which it is comfortable to sleep here in winter.

Projects of two-story houses from a bar

Relatively compact size and high height allow you to make two-story houses more original in appearance, using various architectural solutions and geometric shapes.

At the request of the customer, the building can be made similar to a country-style building, a cozy mountain chalet, an old tower, as well as a classic and popular style – a loft. And, if financial opportunities allow, supplement it with creative extensions and turrets. Buildings that are attractive on the outside can be made stylish on the inside by arranging staircases and attics, connecting rooms and creating any functional areas.

Due to the ability to beautifully combine different tones, painting a wooden house becomes a whole art. Dark and light tones, bright and muted tones – anything is possible.

The presence of the second floor allows you to create many interesting layout options. For example, choose options with a combined kitchen and living room downstairs and bedrooms upstairs. Or arrange on the ground floor built-in utility rooms such as a garage, bath or sauna.

Tall windows in classic style are installed on each floor of two-storey houses made of laminated veneer lumber. This allows not only to improve the illumination in the building, but also to visually expand its premises. These same large windows also provide an improved view of the façade.

Features of the construction of a two-story house from a bar

The construction of a two-story house from a bar, as for any other building, begins with the development of a project or with the selection of a suitable standard version (with the possibility of changing individual parts in accordance with the customer’s requirements). The next stage is drawing up an estimate and calculating the price, which primarily depends on the area and height of the building, the number of windows and the placement of rooms, the materials used and, accordingly, their high cost. After that, they move on to the production of a constructor (timber) and pouring the foundation, and then to the construction of the foundation.

For a two-story log house, three types of foundations are usually used:

  • columnar for structures that need to be raised above the ground due to soil characteristics;
  • tape for various types of large houses, as they are reliable, durable and allow you to equip a basement or basement;
  • mixed type. Such a base will suit most projects and can withstand severe wind loads on the walls.

When erecting walls, the characteristics of the soil are taken into account and high-quality waterproofing of the lower crowns is performed. And when laying floors, a thinner beam is chosen for the first floor than for the second – for example, with a section of 100×50. All these and many other nuances are necessarily taken into account by experienced craftsmen, who have more than one such wooden building. By contacting the company “Mahagoni”, you can use the services of such professionals and get at your disposal the home of your dreams. Moreover, not only in accordance with your desires, but also in the terms and quality agreed in advance. Whereas, an attempt to save money and give preference to one-day firms can lead to far from such good results.

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