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Turning a private house into a manor

The country house provides its owners situs judi slot with ample opportunities for the manifestation of their design skills. If you have long wanted a real estate, then today it will not be difficult. One of the first steps will be to create an attic floor, which will require a new roof to be assembled. Roofing materials on the market belong to different price categories. The variety of colors can be confusing even for experienced buyers. If you wish, you can stop at metal tiles, bituminous roofing or traditional slate.

Specialists will have to assemble a roof system made of high-quality wood, which will ensure long-term operation of the roof without problems. Before the installation of roofing materials, waterproofing and thermal insulation of the premises will be organized, as well as the lathing to fix the roof will be installed.

Attic floor

In Minsk, a similar solution is found more and more often. The presence of an attic floor allows you to sleep under the starry sky and wake up bathing in the sun. The specialists of our company will prepare a redevelopment project, taking into account every nuance:

  • insulation of the attic floor;
  • installation of a new floor floor;
  • improved sound insulation.

An important point is protection against the effects of bacteria and tree pests. For this, special impregnations are used. Also, the masters will pay attention to the fire protection of the attic space. The interior staircase will become an important element of the interior. It is a wooden structure of classical or screw shape, which allows comfortable movement between floors. Panoramic windows can be used for glazing. It will be possible to create comfort on the attic floor only if the windows are highly insulated. The ventilation system will be the finishing touch in the new room.

Facade and interior decoration

Many European companies are represented in Belarus, offering their own materials to each customer. Their advantage is the high quality standards that are consistently observed during production. Domestic companies strive to provide customers with an ideal balance between price and quality. For the facade of the future estate, you can recommend a natural clapboard or blockhouse. Both options have their own advantages, allowing you to make the house respectable and original. A chic appearance can also be given by vinyl finishing of the facade, if you choose a material that is suitable in style and quality.

Arrangement of a terrace and balcony

Log homesteads are an ideal place to meet friends or relax with your family. To enjoy the peace and quiet in the evening, it is enough to organize an open terrace near the house. For its construction, the same material is usually used that was used in the construction of the main building. In parallel, our specialists will carry out the work necessary to create a balcony. The necessary calculations will be made so that the structure is not only easy to use, but also safe.

If you wish, you can create an insulated terrace that can be used between seasons. Glazing is carried out taking into account the wishes of the client. Also, the terrace can be left open to make it closer to nature. Our company has many years of experience, which allows us to guarantee the timely completion of work. Even the most demanding customers will be satisfied with the results of cooperation.

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