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The advantages of log country houses

Suburban construction is becoming a popular story for residents of the city of Minsk and the Minsk region. This is due to the desire of people living in large cities to move away from the noise of cities and automobile gases. Life in nature is more interesting, especially if there are small children in the family. And here there are two ways: to buy a ready-made summer cottage or to start capital construction. In the first case, the transaction can be carried out within a few days after you find an interesting and suitable house. And in the second case, you have to be patient. First, the construction itself will take some time. And, secondly, you will probably need to prepare the site.

One of the interesting proposals that has become popular in Belarus over the past few years is the construction of log houses. Constructions are made according to any project. The main thing is to agree on it and involve an experienced designer in the work, so that not only the picture of the building is beautiful, but the construction itself is well thought out.

Pros of a log house

A log house is a wooden structure. Therefore, the erected structure will have all the positive aspects that any wooden buildings are endowed with:

  • Environmental Safety. Unlike other building materials, wood is a natural product. This means that the walls will not emit substances harmful and hazardous to health.
  • Ease. This applies to both the material itself and the construction. The timber is much lighter than stone or brick, so a solid foundation is not needed for the house. For most buildings, it will be enough to make a shallow strip or even columnar foundation – and the house will stand securely. Yes, and it is not difficult to erect it, since ready-made beams have already arrived at the object, which must be assembled into a single puzzle, like a Lego constructor.
  • Resistant to frost. The tree easily tolerates temperature extremes. A quality timber that has been properly processed will withstand an unlimited number of heating and cooling cycles in winter. After all, having arrived at a country house in mid-December, you will have to heat it up, so that the temperature inside from negative becomes comfortable for being inside. For a brick, for example, this number of cycles is limited.
  • Soundproofing. Many people associate life in nature with the singing of birds and the crows of roosters in the morning. But it will not always be possible to wake up to these sounds, since wooden walls absorb well the sound that comes from the street. Unlike city apartments, where every neighbor’s cough is heard several floors down and up.

We examined the advantages of a log house. But the design also has several minor drawbacks:

  • Long-term shrinkage. A wooden house can “sit down” for up to two years. It is not recommended to carry out interior finishing work at this time. For a brick or monolithic house, this would be a sentence. But look at your home from the inside. Perhaps you will come to the conclusion that he does not need interior decoration at all?
  • Increased fire hazard. Wood is considered a highly flammable material. You should not make large fires and burn effigies near the building on Shrovetide. And with careful handling of fire, no problems should arise.
  • Fear of moisture and mold. If you “hammer” on a building and do nothing with it, over time the walls will start to rot, and fungus will form on them. But periodic processing of them with special impregnations at the root solves this problem.

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