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Norwegian cabin. Advantages and disadvantages of the gun carriage

Houses made of carriage (semi-oval logs) are widespread in the Scandinavian countries. For their manufacture, a Norwegian felling is used, which provides low thermal conductivity of the walls. Knowing the nuances of technology, its pros and cons, it is easier to choose the optimal building design.

gun carriage

Norwegian castle and its secrets

In the castle connection of the carriage, the size of the logs plays an important role – they are selected with a diameter of 30 – 40 cm. The height of the processed element turns out to be twice its width, and the overlapping overlaps are 10 – 12 cm.

In the upper link, a knot is made, in the recess of which a thorn is cut down. The upper link is made with a groove corresponding to the size of the spike. The Norwegian bowl is self-wedging, since when it shrinks, the gaps in it decrease, and the connection becomes rigid and impenetrable.

groove for carriage

gun carriage

The peculiarity of the Norwegian felling method:

  1. When the carriage dries, cracks appear on the side surfaces, the gaps between the crowns are eliminated, so there is no need to “hang the outer corners”, as with Russian technology.
  2. Undercuts are organized (the gap at the ends of the rims in the cutoffs) in invisible joints.
  3. As with the Russian felling, relief cuts are made, but they do not eliminate cracks.
  4. There is no need to trim the logs under the platbands.

Advantages of a log house from a gun carriage

Carriage houses are distinguished by visual lightness and a variety of architectural elements. In addition, the following advantages are characteristic of the carriage:

  • an increase in the usable area of ​​ u200b u200bthe premises due to a flat wall surface (thickness 20 cm); in the case of Russian felling, round logs form a wall of unequal thickness (on average 25 – 45 cm);
  • ease of installation of electrical wiring and other communications;
  • hassle-free placement of wall cabinets;
  • density and high thermal insulation of the cup in the cut;
  • profitability – the cost of a log house is reduced, since no obstructions are needed for window and door openings.

    carriage house

Disadvantages of a log house from a gun carriage

Features of the carriage felling cause the following disadvantages:

  • when chipping logs, a hard, durable layer of wood is removed, and a softer inner layer is in contact with the external environment – antiseptics are needed to protect the walls from decay;
  • in the process of shrinkage of the logs, their lateral surfaces crack, but the cracks only reduce the aesthetic parameters of the walls, without reducing their heat-shielding properties.

The specialists of the Minsk company “Stroimdom” know the intricacies of all felling methods. To find a warm home made from environmentally friendly materials, while avoiding possible mistakes, contact the experienced craftsmen of this company.

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