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New chopped wooden log houses according to old technologies

Wooden houses only at first glance seem Situs Slot Online Terbaik dan Terpercaya to be the same. Impossible not to distinguish log houses photo from images of houses made of rounded logs or two-edged timber. In fact, they are built from different types of wall material, and, accordingly, according to different methods.

According to the most ancient construction technology, which has been used in Russia for more than one millennium, it is customary to build chopped wooden houses

For modern carpenters who build log houses, only hand tools have been modified and improved. And the secrets of wood processing and assembly of a log house remained unchanged. Thanks to them log houses and baths stand for centuries.

wooden log house is preferable to houses made of artificial wall materials for many reasons:

• they are environmentally friendly, do not have harmful inclusions and radiation background

log houses do not need decorative finishing, they do not require a powerful foundation, which significantly reduces the price of log houses

• they stand well, do not crack or crumble on unstable, floating, earthquake-prone soils

• aesthetics log houses demonstrate numerous Photo

• on log houses price and maintenance costs are significantly lower than for other buildings

How a wooden blockhouse is built at home

In construction chopped wooden houses usually conifers are used. They are the most resistant to atmospheric moisture and successfully resist parasites. Pine, spruce and larch growing in large quantities on the territory of our country significantly reduce the price of log houses.

Harvesting tree trunks for log houses and baths happens in winter. At this time, there is a minimum amount of moisture in the wood fibers. But they are filled as much as possible with resin – coniferous resin, thanks to which wood has its inherent strength characteristics.

log house

Since the trunks are for log houses and baths are not machined, the straightest trees are selected for manual felling. The logs are cleared of bark along the entire length with a scraper. The natural drying process is slow. The moisture content of the wood at the time of placing the log in the frame is 20-23%. Over time, it decreases by another 10%.

The tree trunk has a different diameter along its entire length. Therefore, the direction of the logs in each crown changes in the opposite direction, i.e. the tip is placed on the butt and vice versa. In each log, a semicircular groove is cut out, which is “put on” the lower crown. Using the same groove, carpenters compensate for the difference in trunk diameters, achieving visual uniformity of the logs. Looking at log houses photo you might think that all the logs in the wall are exactly the same thickness.

The logs in the log house are connected between themselves by dowels – thorns, piercing the crowns in pairs in a checkerboard pattern with an interval of 1.5-2.0 m. Corner joints of the logs at the corners into a shaped recess – a “cup”, are also reliable fasteners.

Chopped houses in front of others wooden buildings have some advantages:

• When manually processing logs, the integrity of their fibers is preserved, which means that the percentage of cracking is reduced

• Due to the lack of high-tech processing of logs on log houses price lower than houses made of profiled sawn timber

• After sanding the walls log houses photo look very natural

Chopped houses and baths excellent resistance to weather conditions. This quality is especially important for summer cottages and baths, which stand idle for a long time in cold and damp conditions, and then are heated with a sharp increase in the air temperature inside the building. A log house can withstand such extreme exploitation for several decades.

Peculiarities log houses and baths

On log houses price higher than logs made of rounded logs or any profiled timber. Since their construction takes quite a long time. The smoothest selected forest is used Unlike other buildings, log house not built in one season. This requires one and a half to two years.

Even wooden log house collected from well-dried logs in a natural way, after 8-15 months they give 3-5% shrinkage in height. Therefore, when designing a log house, some measures are provided:

log house2

• extra 10-15 cm are laid in the height of the walls in order to get a house with ceilings of the required height as a result

• window openings are either cut down after the frame has shrunk, or a 5-cm gap is left at the top between the edge of the opening and the window frame, which is first filled with heat-insulating material, and after complete shrinkage, a wooden bar is inserted into it

• the roof is mounted in the same way after complete shrinkage of the log house

Finishing work in log houses, including flooring, filing of ceilings, installation of handrails, decorative elements, are performed last. Only with strict adherence to ancient construction technologies log houses in the photo they look like toys, but in operation they turn out to be very warm and reliable.

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