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Manual production of a log house from a handmade log

The best raw material for construction log cabins and baths are conifers. They are naturally more resistant to external factors, have straight long trunks with a small number of branches, and lend themselves well to processing with carpentry tools. The construction market offers a variety of lumber from a tree in abundance. Some developers prefer to buy expensive profiled wall materials, others remain adherents of the classic manual felling of houses. Their choice is quite justified:

hand felling logs

• logs with intact fibers retain their integrity longer,

• unbroken sapwood has a solid golden or silver color

• hand-cut logs are much longer than standardized lumber

But in order for wooden buildings to serve their owners for as long as necessary, it is necessary to strictly observe the technology of harvesting raw materials and making lumber for log house.

Element production hand-cut log houses

Creation hand-cut log houses – the process is long-term and laborious. It can be broken down into several steps:

hand felling

• procurement of raw materials for log houses and baths

• preparation of logs

production of log houses included

• rough assembly

• assembly at the customer’s site

• shrinkage

• final finishing

Wood harvesting begins with the onset of winter cold weather. The trunks of trees should be alive, sonorous, without cracks, rotten and damaged areas, not infected with fungus and woodworm. The cut trees are sanded with a scraper, cleaned of bark, branches, growths. The bark from a live trunk is more difficult to remove than from a dry one. However, it must be scraped off immediately, otherwise, with the onset of heat, pests and parasites will start under it, which will make the trunks unsuitable for construction. houses from logs of hand felling.

Each log is cleaned with a hand knife. With this treatment, the trunk retains its tightness – the difference in diameters at the apex and butt. The sapwood is not cut off, its fibers remain intact, which means they will not absorb atmospheric moisture and rot.

A cleaned log dries under a canopy for several months. Slow natural drying is necessary to hand-cut wooden houses after assembly they retained their geometric shapes. If you put a raw log in log house or bathhouse, over time, it can crack, warp, lead neighboring crowns.

When the moisture content of the wood drops to 18-23%, the logs are sorted again, the calibrated ones are sent to making a log house according to approved architectural projects. They are cut, faceted, provided with a longitudinal groove for the lower part of the crown and an expansion groove against cracking in the upper part. On the finished log, according to the technical documentation, cups are cut out – shaped notches for corner joints houses of manual cabin. Holes for dowels are drilled in the logs – metal rod fasteners of the crowns. All work is performed with hand tools: axes, knives, drills, chainsaws, etc.

Hand-cut wooden houses they consist not only of logs, but also of other elements: floor logs, beams of interfloor and attic floors, rafter beams, ridge, roof lathing, casing boxes for window and door openings. All of them are taken into account in the design documentation and manufactured included log house.

During the production process, all elements log houses are treated with an antiseptic and fit into a log house on the territory of a construction company. They are fitted with the tip to the butt and are marked. The result of all the work is a roughly assembled hand-cut house. The developer can personally check its equipment or entrust this work to a specialist. During acceptance, rough log houses and baths are checked for compliance of products with design dimensions, configuration, and other specified parameters.

Preparing for assembly manual cabin houses

log house

When the satisfied developer has accepted the rough assembly hand-cut wooden house, the structure is disassembled, packed in cassettes and transported to the construction site. Landowner needs to prepare storage space for parts manual cabin houses… It should be located in a place convenient for the access of lifting equipment, be leveled, provided with a wooden deck and a canopy. Build process hand-cut log houses not very fast, therefore it is necessary to exclude contact of wooden elements with damp ground.

Use of construction lifting equipment during assembly hand-cut wooden houses inevitably. Unlike standardized sawn timber, manual making a log house allows the length of logs up to 12 meters, the weight of which can reach a ton. It is impossible to put such a log into a crown with the efforts of the builders.

Hand-cut wooden houses have a relatively low weight, so there is no need for one or two months of curing the foundations for them. As soon as the concrete of the strip foundation is set, you can start assembling the log house.

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