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Log houses from Vologda for centuries

Wooden construction, which is at the peak situs slot gampang jp of its popularity today, is associated with the desire of the inhabitants of the metropolis to get rid of stress, dust and noise, to find mental and physical peace. Each owner of a land plot equips it in accordance with their own ideas about comfortable suburban housing. When planning to build a wooden house, he first determines the choice of building materials, and invariably comes to the conclusion that log cabins from Vologda are the most suitable in terms of price and quality.

bath from vologda

The most durable log houses from Vologda

As you know, the best timber is considered to be harvested in the northern forests. It is strong, solid, durable. It owes its unique properties to the growing conditions. The further north the forest lands are, the more severe the climate in them and the shorter the summer season, the slower the trees grow, the thinner their annual rings and the denser the wood structure. That’s why sale of log cabins and houses are most intensively carried out in the northern regions of the Russian Federation.

The Vologda region is located in the north-west of the country. Coniferous forests, which occupy 2/3 of its territory, are a source of high-quality and environmentally friendly construction timber. Log houses from Vologda

are distinguished by their extraordinary strength and durability, they are not afraid of the harsh Russian winters and dry summer months.

Log cabins from Vologda

• resist decay

• not subject to deformation

• resistant to ultraviolet radiation

• are not afraid of critical temperatures

After special treatment with fire retardants, they become fireproof.

In addition to high quality indicators, log houses from Vologda are distinguished by their extraordinary aesthetics. It is simply impossible to look away from the light yellowish or pinkish color and the original texture of the wood. Fresh bathhouse from Vologda looks like a fabulous gingerbread house, and when heated, the steam room exudes an equally fabulous aroma.

bathhouse Vologda

Wood harvesting works for log cabins from Vologda begin with the onset of cold weather. Logs harvested in winter are the best raw materials for building rot and pest resistant logs log houses from Vologda… In autumn, trees pump out all the water from their fibers, filling the vessels with resin – dense amber resin. A tree cut down in winter is first subjected to freezing and natural drying in the open air for several months, and only then is sent for processing and manufacturing log cabins from Vologda… The presence of its own raw material base and technological line allows the sawmill to carry out constant quality control, starting with the selection of raw materials and ending with mass sale of log cabins and houses.

The use of rounded logs in the assembly log houses from Vologda makes it possible to implement any architectural forms, from three-storey multi-level mansions to miniature one-room cottages and country houses. Log houses from Vologda are an example of high-quality, environmentally friendly, aesthetic and safe housing, optimally combining the functionality of modernity and ancient proximity to nature.

Log cabins from Vologda standard and exclusive

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Active sale of log cabins and houses, different in their technical and design indicators, is not just satisfaction of the population’s demand for fashionable housing. Everything log cabins from Vologda are works of art born from the collaboration of mother nature and human skill. Even the smallest bathhouse from Vologda invariably pleasing to the eye and perfectly fulfills its practical functions.

Sale of log cabins begins long before the payment and removal of the finished set. Bath house from Vologda – this is not just an economic building. Satisfying the demand for good baths begins with ideas that are embodied in projects by the staff of the architectural and design bureau. Specialists in the field of architecture, construction, design, and landscape design are working on the assigned tasks. The result of their work is projects of unique and comfortable log cabins for baths from Vologda, which perfectly fit into any environment, be it a pristine forest, an orchard or a mini-landscape park in Japanese style.

If for a manor with individual style features, typical projects log cabins of baths from Vologda do not fit, you can make an individual order. The designers, proceeding from the general concept and taking into account all the features of the site, will develop an exclusive project for the log house of a bathhouse from Vologda. An individual solution will allow you to fit a new element as harmoniously as if it was on the site from the very beginning of construction.

As a building material, wood is more expensive than many artificial wall materials. But its use for the felling of a bathhouse from Vologda saves you from further spending on materials and work on:

• thermal insulation

• foundation arrangement

• interior decoration

• facade cladding

Eventually log cabins from Vologda turn out to be one and a half times cheaper than baths built of foam concrete or bricks.

If you want to combine beauty, functionality, practicality, economy on your site, you should contact a company that designs and construction of a wooden house from the northern forest. You will not be able to get as much benefit, moral and physical satisfaction from any other building material as from real, fragrant, environmentally friendly and inexpensive Vologda wood.

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