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Garden houses from a bar: features and advantages

Garden houses from a bar: features and advantages

Among the projects of wooden houses, the so-called garden houses from a bar are a separate category. The article describes in detail how they differ from those intended for permanent residence, what advantages they have, and for what tasks they can be used.

How do log garden houses differ from ordinary ones? To begin with, it is worth figuring out which of the projects of log houses fit into the category of garden houses. In fact, they have a lot of differences, and they stand out according to the following criteria:

  • Price.

    The price of garden houses always fits into the framework of a small budget, which in the sector of wooden housing construction corresponds to amounts from 100 to 350 thousand rubles. Due to such a cost, such projects are very popular. Moreover, there are a lot of applications for them, as described below.

  • Dimensions.

    The sizes of the garden houses fully correspond to their cost, which is logical. In terms of numbers, the minimum area of ​​such a building can be about 12-13 m2… The top bar does not exceed 48-50 squares. Everything that is larger in area no longer belongs to garden houses, but to other categories.

  • Layout.

    The layout of a garden house is one of its most obvious differences. By this criterion, one can immediately say for what purposes the project was developed – for permanent or temporary residence, or for others described below. What premises are included in a typical garden house? In fact, there can be no fewer rooms, but only one. Larger projects have a guest room, vestibule or hallway, and a compact kitchenette. When designing garden houses, neither a boiler room, nor a bathroom, nor a bathroom, nor a bedroom are definitely provided.

  • Number of storeys.

    The number of storeys in the garden house also corresponds to the cost. There are no second levels, residential attics and attics here, since the whole concept of this category of real estate is lost with them.

  • Architecture.

    The architecture of the garden houses is the epitome of minimalism. The usual rectangular shape of a log house, a standard gable roof. There are no verandas, no balconies, no other decorations like cuckoos and bay windows. The only exception is the terrace, which, although in a fairly compact design, is nevertheless found in garden house projects.

Pros of garden houses from a bar

The advantages of projects in this category should have already become obvious:

  • attractive cost;
  • compactness;
  • do not require a capital foundation;
  • the shortest construction time;
  • do not require any finishing works and repairs;
  • they look as presentable as a full-fledged log house (only in miniature);
  • serve in the same way – with proper care for a long time and reliably;
  • versatility of application.

The last point should be considered in more detail, since the name “garden house” does not fully reveal the full potential of projects in this category.

Variants of using garden houses from a bar

The first use of a garden house is a summer cottage. Suitable for those owners of suburban areas who visit it only on weekends, well, or, at most, during a vacation in the warm season. If necessary, you can spend the night in such a house, although, as mentioned above, the bedroom is not provided for in the layout.

The second use of a garden house is temporary housing, in which you can “wait out” all the stages of construction of the main house. This is beneficial, since the cost of building a small timber project is lower than renting an apartment in the city for six months or a year.

Just like a godsend, the garden house will be when the time comes to do major repairs in the main house. If you have one, you will no longer have to move to your relatives or to a rented apartment.

The garden house is also useful for receiving guests, especially if the layout of the main house was selected at one time close to the existing composition of the family.

Alternatively, you can equip a summer kitchen in it. All the heat from the oven, steam from the stove, smells and other delights of the cooking process, when it is + 30 ° C outside, can be transferred with pleasure to the garden house.


Compact, inexpensive and presentable log garden houses are “magic wands” for all occasions of suburban life.

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