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Fire retardant impregnation of wood

Fire bio protection of a wooden houseWood has always been considered the best material for building houses, but it has some negative properties. Wood can be destroyed by various pests or decay processes, but these processes do not bring severe troubles and are rather long, its most terrible property is combustibility. Wooden houses burn like paper. Therefore, in the construction of wooden houses, the most important task is the treatment with a fire retardant layer.

Let’s look at the causes of fire in a wooden house. Faulty wiring can cause a short circuit. Also, any spark can cause a fire. Previously, clay was used to reduce the likelihood of fire. Today, in order to protect your home from accidental fire, there are modern special fire-fighting means for impregnating wood.

Modern varnishes, paints and various impregnations are similar in protection to clay, but much more reliable. The best protection of modern means is impregnation in an industrial environment. This technology allows the special agent to penetrate deeply into the tree, thereby greatly enhancing the protection. But it is almost impossible to get such a result on your own, the impregnation will cover only the surface. But even this kind of protection can keep your home safe from fire.

What are the impregnations

In our time, technology has really reached a high level, and there are many fire protection products. There are organic and water-based products, the latter are much more popular than the former, as they are the least harmful. But the efficiency of the former is much better. Such means work in two ways, some create a fire retardant shell on the surface, while others emit special gases during combustion that resist the spread of fire.

How to apply fire retardants

Fire bio protection for woodBefore starting processing, the surface should be cleaned from dust, dirt and other errors. Apply impregnations only on a clean surface, so the solution will penetrate much deeper into the wood. Next, arm yourself with a spray, if there is none, you can use a paint brush. Do not forget about respiratory protection, all these products are very harmful, a gas mask or a protective mask will do. It is advisable to protect your eyes, use goggles, and it is recommended to protect your skin. Be sure to ventilate the room after processing! Choose one brand of impregnation. The processing frequency is approximately 2-3 years.

When choosing an impregnation, pay attention to combined products. They will also help protect your home from rot and insects.

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