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Features of life in a log house

Wood is one of the most sought-after building materials available today. More and more Minsk residents are choosing the construction of wooden houses when it comes to buying a suburban area. Before making a final decision, you need to find out about some of the features that wooden houses have. First of all, this is shrinkage, which depends on the chosen construction technology. Frame houses practically do not shrink. In the case of using a board, it is very important to pay attention to its moisture content, this parameter largely determines the degree of shrinkage.

Log and log houses remain at the peak of their popularity. The shrinkage of the timber frame is taken into account by the builders during the preparation of the project. It is possible to start operating the building only after the structure has shrunk. It usually takes about a year for a wooden house for the structure to take its final shape. All this time, the craftsmen control the shrinkage process, checking the density of the outer and inner parts of the wall. With correct shrinkage, the design change is uniform. If the wood contains a large amount of water, this leads to a violation of the uniformity of shrinkage, which can have negative consequences for the entire building.

We fire a wooden house

When the operation of a wooden house in Belarus becomes possible, the temperature regime should change gradually (heating increases from 5 to 20 degrees). If you exceed the upper limit, it can overheat the walls, which will lead to their deformation. The appearance of deep cracks will cause a serious drop in thermal insulation and the strength of the walls of the house. Therefore, it is so important that specialists heat the log house during shrinkage. Otherwise, the wood will dry locally, and the shrinkage will become uneven.

The operation of a log house has its own characteristics, which the owner of the house will definitely learn about from our specialists. They will go over the issue in detail and provide helpful advice.

Modern wood construction

The internal space of a wooden structure must have certain air-humidity characteristics that will allow the shrinkage process to be completed correctly. If there is no ventilation inside, then condensation begins to accumulate in the house, which accelerates the deformation processes. It is important to exclude deaf preservation at home. The appearance of mold and mildew on the surface is usually caused by high humidity. Periodically, you need to ventilate the premises, choosing days with sunny weather for this.

A glass unit selected for a wooden house must have good insulation. If you entrust the work on the construction and shrinkage of the house to specialists, this will allow:

  • accelerate the completion of construction;
  • provide all the nuances and get comfortable housing as a result;
  • organize competent insulation and ventilation of a wooden frame.

Living in a wooden house has many advantages. It is very warm and there are no drafts, and wood will become a source of trace elements useful for the human body contained in natural resin. Our company is always happy to develop and implement a project that will provide the client with comfort.

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