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Design and construction of wooden log houses

Wood construction, like any other, starts with a daftar situs judi slot online terpercaya project. Some developers don’t understand the meaning design of wooden houses… There are landowners who, having neither knowledge nor experience, only after reading several popular science magazines on construction, consider themselves ready for independent design and construction of wooden log houses. They personally make calculations, draw approximate diagrams that do not at all resemble real ones. projects of log houses, and then they bring it all to a construction company or start building on their own.

Why do you need design of wooden houses

log house design

Professionalism in design and construction of wooden houses from logs as important as any other construction industry. You are not trying to heal a sore ear, tooth or eye on your own! The same applies to timber construction: self-construction without a professional log house project becomes the reason for its fragility and additional costs for alterations and repairs.

Literate design of wooden houses allows you to save the family budget and the nervous system of future residents of a wooden house.

You should not contact a construction company specializing in the creation of brick or block buildings. Develop projects of log houses and only highly specialized companies can implement them in practice. Wood is not brick. It can be called living and, in a sense, dynamic material. Design and construction of wooden houses differ in their specificity, require special professional knowledge and skills.

Log houses projects be sure to take into account the subtleties of processing, laying and using wood as a wall material:

• Different types of wood have different physical and technical indicators (density, hardness, moisture, specific gravity, water and air permeability), which affects the characteristics of the walls.

• At design of wooden houses from logs of natural drying, another 10-15 centimeters are added to the height of the walls, on which the frame will settle in a year.

Log houses projects take into account the condition of the soil on the building site. After careful geodetic surveys, specialists determine the required type of foundation so that the house stands securely, and the developer does not have to overpay for the excessive capacity of the foundation.

Projects of log houses are guided by the location of the plots. It is necessary that the buildings fit into the surrounding landscape, be comfortably located relative to the access roads, neighboring land plots, wind roses, and the natural features of each site.

• Russian legislation has approved certain construction and sanitary standards, the violation of which entails sanctions against the developer. Design and construction of wooden houses by a specialized company, it goes without a hitch, in the course of work all standards are strictly observed.

How are they born log house projects

House project

Architectural design of wooden houses begins with a serious conversation between the customer and the designer. The client voices all wishes, can make a pencil sketch of how the future house seems to him. The architect considers the client’s requirements, recommends the most suitable options, advises on the selection of building materials and equipment. When an understanding between the parties is reached, work begins on log house project: development of draft and working projects, creation of project documentation.

Sketched projects of log houses reflect their concept.

The sketch of the house consists of several images:

• site plan

• floor plans of the building (1st, 2nd, attic floor)

• roof plan

• drawings of facades from four sides

• three-dimensional 3D-image of the house

After the client’s approval of the draft log house project the creation of a working draft continues. Ready worker log house project, which is a set of documents (drawings, diagrams, estimates), is sent for agreement with the state supervision authorities. It is sometimes very difficult for a developer to discuss documentation with officials. Therefore, it is better to transfer log house projects for approval by a specialist on behalf of the customer.

Small area log house projects

Outlining design and construction of a wooden house small size, for example, a country cottage or a bathhouse, it is not necessary to order a complete package of documentation. It is enough to include in it

• sketch log house project, which is the main document for the house, giving the builders an idea of ​​what will happen as a result of their activities

• the specification for the elements is required for a complete set of log houses to be produced at the production site

• log house assembly map

The architect can add to the package log house project an optimization map for cutting logs, which allows the log house manufacturer to minimize sawn timber waste.

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