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All stages of construction of a wooden house

log house

The modern construction market is literally overwhelmed with offers for construction of log houses from logs, most of which comes from companies building buildings of all categories and from all building materials. This approach to timber construction is not correct. This direction is highly specialized, requiring deep knowledge and certain skills. Produce quality turnkey log houses, a diversified company is not always possible. The specialized company has a staff of professional carpenters, has equipped warehouses, and maintains work sites for the rough assembly of log cabins. Only having our own production base available can we ensure proper quality with construction of houses from chopped logs, their reliability and durability.

Preparation and construction of log houses

Building houses from chopped logs is a painstaking process that requires skill and patience. It takes place in several stages. At each of them, it is necessary to comply with the technology and time frames. V stages of construction of a wooden house from a log included:

1. Development of an architectural project
2. Harvesting a log
3. Rough assembly of a log house at the production site
4. Acceptance, disassembly, transportation of the kit to the construction site
5. Construction of the foundation
6. Assembly of a log house
7. Shrinkage of the log house
eight. Decorating a log house
9. Delivery of the finished house

From how well the work of procurers, designers, builders will be done at all stages of construction of a wooden house, the quality of life of its future owners depends.

For construction solid log houses wood from northern forests harvested in winter is used. It meets the requirements for modern wall materials: density, durability, resistance to external factors. Tree trunks are cleaned of bark and left to dry naturally until the moisture content in the fibers is 18-23%.

Construction of log houses it is impossible without accurate and correct cutting of logs according to a given project. Grooves, grooves, cups are cut out in them, and pin holes are drilled. At the same time, other wooden elements of the house are manufactured: floor beams, ceilings, rafters, ridge, window and door frames, and other details. According to the degree of readiness, the wooden elements are impregnated with protective agents and placed in the rough frame.

After all the details log houses ready, they are transported to the developer’s site. By this time the foundation turnkey house, I’m ready now. The logs undergo a second treatment with protective agents, they can also be covered with a bleaching compound so that the wood does not lose its natural appearance. Dismantling the rough log house and moving to the construction site takes 1-2 weeks.

Assembly log houses performed by the masters who cut it. Qualified carpenters know all the nuances of working with wood, not only for log houses construction, but also during its operation. They are ready to give advice on all issues related to living in the house and caring for it.

Log houses construction starts with waterproofing the foundation. Then an oak beam or half-log is placed in the base. Next, the actual construction is carried out turnkey chopped house… The crowns are installed one on top of the other, connected by metal pins. Thermal insulation tapes made of flax or jute are placed between the logs. This stage of construction of a wooden house the installation of rafter beams and the third treatment of wood with antiseptics and fire retardants. These works take from two to six months.

Then turnkey log houses, require 8 to 15 months for wood shrinkage and structure shrinkage. All this time there is no activity in them. The rafter system, window and door openings are protected with a plastic film from precipitation, dust, dirt, and stray animals. After the walls have completely shrunk, you can proceed to decoration of a log house and the connection of communications.

The final finishing of a log house

log house floor

As is known, log houses do not need a fine finish, since wood itself is aesthetic and comfortable. The concept “finishing of a log house “ includes work on

• caulking the gaps between the joints

• flooring

• filing of ceilings

• installation of window and door structures

• installation of skirting boards, platbands

• arrangement of flights of stairs, railings, panels

At the stage finishing of a log house the final installation of the roof is carried out: the crate is stuffed and the roofing material is laid. All communication systems are also carried out and connected: electrical, plumbing, gas, heating.

Turnkey houses, considered to be handed over after the customer has approved the work performed and signed the acceptance certificate of the finished house. A construction company that has done everything stages of construction of a wooden house from a log according to the project, provides its owner with a 2-year warranty. During this period, the company’s specialists provide a free warranty service, and after its expiration – consultations and paid services for the maintenance and repair of the house.

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