Zoning with creativity in a 3-room Spanish apartment

What could be better than a spacious apartment? Only a spacious apartment that is comfortable for the whole family. At the same time, it is not necessary to have a lot of furniture, it is enough to be able to correctly use the space reserves. An example of how elegant this can be done is our today’s tour of a 67 sqm Spanish apartment.

The key word for this apartment is universal. That is, it is convenient for everyone: a schoolchild, parents working at home, numerous guests who are very much loved by the owners. To realize this task, the designer used both classic design techniques (light walls, open plan) and a couple of non-trivial ones, which you will see in detail here.

First, look at what the plan of this apartment looks like with the arrangement of furniture.


Let’s start our journey through the interior from the living room. Although, it would be more correct to call it a living room-study. The first thing a multifunctional living room needs is reasonable zoning, and here this task is accomplished at the highest level. Large furniture – sofas and a table – are placed against the walls, the home office is separated by a partition (we will return to it a little later) to outline the boundaries of each of the zones.


smart-zoning-ideas-in-one-spanish-apartment2 smart-zoning-ideas-in-one-spanish-apartment3

But these boundaries are quite soft, since all parts of the room are made in the same style, while there are no massive partitions between them. Thanks to this, the living room looks like three independent, but at the same time, single rooms.

As we have already mentioned, the family loves guests, so the choice of the table was approached with great care. Large and sturdy, designed for eight people, it takes up a lot of space, but at the same time does not bother anyone. The secret is in a competent layout: kitchen furniture is concentrated only near one wall, and the table is located just on the border between it and the living room. At the same time, all the reserves of space are used – even the box for the radiator serves as an end seat.

smart-zoning-ideas-in-one-spanish-apartment4 smart-zoning-ideas-in-one-spanish-apartment5

Please note that there is ample seating in the living and dining areas, but at the same time the room is not cluttered. This became possible thanks to the correct choice of furniture: the poufs and bench are easy to remove or push under the table if necessary, and the storage module on the border with the office also serves as a seat (pillows for softness, the partition as a backrest).

smart-zoning-ideas-in-one-spanish-apartment6 smart-zoning-ideas-in-one-spanish-apartment7

Lighting deserves special attention. Note that it is optimized as much as possible: in the evening in each of the parts of the room there is enough artificial light, during the day nothing interferes with the natural. This became possible thanks to the competent choice of lamps: they are all minimalistic in design and in shape, so they do not interfere with sunlight at all.

smart-zoning-ideas-in-one-spanish-apartment8 smart-zoning-ideas-in-one-spanish-apartment9

Now let’s move on to the most interesting part of the room: the study. The owners were planning to set up a home office in the living room for adults and a schoolchild, but the lack of lighting prevented them from this opportunity.

The partition, which separates the working area from the main living room, helped to solve this problem. In the middle is a glass insert that allows light to pass through, but at the same time prevents sounds from the living room from disturbing the peace of those who work or do their homework. On top of the partition there are hanging cabinets that contain all working and educational materials.


smart-zoning-ideas-in-one-spanish-apartment11 smart-zoning-ideas-in-one-spanish-apartment12

Finally, consider the living rooms. Both the adult bedroom and the nursery are interesting in the competent use of furniture, which allows you to use every centimeter of space.

The master bedroom also serves as a dressing room. A built-in wardrobe was taken away for storage – a typical solution for small rooms. But the design fantasy does not end there. Pay attention to the headboard: hanging bedside tables are built into it, which do not have legs, which are quite enough for lamps and little things.

smart-zoning-ideas-in-one-spanish-apartment13 smart-zoning-ideas-in-one-spanish-apartment14
smart-zoning-ideas-in-one-spanish-apartment15 smart-zoning-ideas-in-one-spanish-apartment16

The nursery is separated from the study by a partition, which also serves as a ladder for the loft bed. By the way, pay attention to how this piece of furniture is correctly used: on top – a sleeping place, below – a sofa. For storing toys, there is a niche with shelves to match the wall color.

smart-zoning-ideas-in-one-spanish-apartment17 smart-zoning-ideas-in-one-spanish-apartment18

As you could see again: the functionality of the interior is not at all an obstacle to free space and comfort. Get inspired!

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