Your own “home within a home”: the interior of a 3-room apartment for a mother and adult daughter

In most cases, when it comes to growing up, they talk about the independence of children from their parents. However, few people think that parents also need a personal space, independent of their children. Especially in cases where the offspring have not yet left the house.

We invite you to visit the home of a Spanish woman and her adult daughter. Their apartment is comparatively small (65 sq.m.), and even irregular in shape, which created a number of difficulties, especially with personal space. But the women found an elegant way out of the situation by dividing the apartment in two so that each had its own “home within the home”. The result is a nice apartment with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, as well as a living room, kitchen and dining room, convenient for both housewives.

First, let’s look at the apartment plan. Designer Mercedes Postigo made sure that both hostesses were comfortable and that the apartment looked spacious.

apartment-where live-two-women-with-clever-zoning-ideas-plan

Let’s start with living room… As you can see, there is only one window in this room, which is not enough to illuminate the entire room. The kitchen also suffered from a lack of light, so the two rooms were combined. And to make the room even brighter, the walls were painted cream. The furniture was also chosen in the same color, diluting the palette with coral and azure accents (the favorite colors of each of the women) in the form of small decor: pillows, blankets, dishes and vases.

But that’s not all! To make the living room literally shine, a wall of mirrors appeared behind the sofa. Pay attention to how perfectly it complements the interior: the room not only turned out to be bright, but also looks much more interesting than a traditional living room with paintings on the walls.

The renovated living room also includes an entrance hall located in a kind of “pocket”. To separate it without erecting partitions, a long rack was placed on the border between the hallway and living room areas. It is tall enough to serve as a spacer, but at the same time does not interfere with the propagation of light.

apartment-where live-two-women-with-clever-zoning-ideas1 apartment-where live-two-women-with-clever-zoning-ideas2
apartment-where live-two-women-with-clever-zoning-ideas3 apartment-where live-two-women-with-clever-zoning-ideas4
apartment-where live-two-women-with-clever-zoning-ideas5 apartment-where live-two-women-with-clever-zoning-ideas6

Let’s go to bedrooms… They have quite a few things in common: both rooms have cream walls, like the living room, to make the most of natural light. The space is used to the maximum: each of the beds is located in a niche, the headboard acts as a shelf, and the mirrors on it also help spread light.

The difference is in the color scheme: the daughter’s room is in creamy pink, the mother’s room is in creamy azure. Angles are also used in different ways. In the girl’s bedroom there is a pocket between the wardrobe and the window, where there is just enough space for a work desk. In her mother’s room, the corners are fitted with niches with shelves for storing books.

apartment-where live-two-women-with-clever-zoning-ideas7 apartment-where live-two-women-with-clever-zoning-ideas8
apartment-where live-two-women-with-clever-zoning-ideas9 apartment-where live-two-women-with-clever-zoning-ideas10
apartment-where live-two-women-with-clever-zoning-ideas11 apartment-where live-two-women-with-clever-zoning-ideas12
apartment-where live-two-women-with-clever-zoning-ideas13 apartment-where live-two-women-with-clever-zoning-ideas14

The apartment has two bathrooms, but the one that belongs to the senior mistress deserves special attention. Pay attention to the smart use of space: there is not one sink, but two, but compact. Among the decorative elements, the luxurious wood wall attracts attention, turning a simple shower with a door into a piece of design skill.

apartment-where live-two-women-with-clever-zoning-ideas15 apartment-where live-two-women-with-clever-zoning-ideas16

Here is another example of how a competent approach to interior design makes a small apartment comfortable for two generations at once. Maybe you should take it into service?

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