Walking in Sweden: a 30 story – 2-room apartment interior in achromatic colors

On the fourth floor of a beautiful old house built in the 30s of the twentieth century, this cozy two-room apartment is located, filled with light and air.

During the renovation, “features of the past” were carefully restored – graceful moldings, heavy oak doors, deep window niches with stone slabs, a beautiful herringbone parquet and an original retro element – a wardrobe. But the rest is a light modern interior, laconic in Swedish, not overloaded with furniture and details.

Like all apartments that we choose for you, there is “its own face”, individuality, charm and, of course, interior elements that can be taken into your “collection of ideas”.

Take a walk on it (28 photos and plan of the apartment), consider the situation as a whole and individual details. Have a nice trip!

Plan of this 2-room Swedish apartment:


Yes, it resembles a well-known “tram” with the correction for the area “with us” and “with them”. Here, indeed, the total area (67 sq. M.) Is one and a half times more than in the usual two-room Russian apartments of a similar layout (45-50 sq. M.). The kitchen here is a little less than 12 square meters, and the bathroom is also located differently from ours (from the hallway), but at the entrance to the bedroom.

But if your apartment has a similar layout, do not rush to say that this option does not suit you! Consider this interior in detail, mark the elements you like, and then imagine how it will “fit” into your space. Surely there will be very interesting ideas that can be implemented.

Color in this apartment

The color palette, as is customary in modern Scandinavian apartments, is quite restrained, almost achromatic. But it doesn’t look boring! The secrets are simple: a lot of natural light, subtle play on shades, a variety of patterned textiles.

Note the use of white (also very popular in Swedish interiors):

  • in the hallway and living room-dining room, these are large planes – the ceiling and walls;
  • in the kitchen – also furniture (cabinets);
  • in the bedroom – only accents (chest of drawers and bedside tables).

Examine the rest of the interior elements and furnishings in full in the photographs.

Hallway interior:


Living-dining room interior:


sweden-interior-30story4 sweden-interior-30story5
sweden-interior-30story6 sweden-interior-30story7


Kitchen interier:


sweden-interior-30story11 sweden-interior-30story12
sweden-interior-30story13 sweden-interior-30story14

The interiors of the bedroom, balcony and bathroom:


sweden-interior-30story18 sweden-interior-30story19
sweden-interior-30story20 sweden-interior-30story21


sweden-interior-30story23 sweden-interior-30story24
sweden-interior-30story25 sweden-interior-30story26
sweden-interior-30story27 sweden-interior-30story28

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