The elegant chic of Notting Hill: the interior of the London apartment where the producer lives

The history of this project began when a film producer bought an apartment in Notting Hill, one of the most picturesque areas of London.

For an Englishman, Notting Hill is more than just a name. In terms of fame, this area of ​​London can only be compared with Big Ben or Buckingham Palace.

Films are often shot in Notting Hill, and this is not surprising. Victorian charm, bohemian chic, unspoiled architectural heritage – this is Notting Hill. They say that if you want an apartment “like in a movie”, there is no better place.

It was here that the producer and his family decided to move. He entrusted the project of the new apartment to two designers – Katrina Philips and Georgiana Haddart. And he was right – these two women did a truly large-scale job.

The interior of this apartment is an excellent example of true British chic. Admire how it looks in photographs from every corner.

We started with the restoration. This house was many years old, so it needed updating. Katrina and Georgiana restored the façade, and also laid an amazing black and white checkerboard carpet at the front door. Everything is in the best traditions of Victorianism: discreet, but charming.

charming-apartment-in-notting-hill1 charming-apartment-in-notting-hill2

Luxury begins already in living room… Arch, fireplace, cornices, large windows – all these unique architectural elements have been restored to recreate the spirit of the era.

Ceiling moldings, a crystal chandelier, the famous Chesterfield sofa – all this reminds of interiors from the best Hollywood films.


To emphasize the charm of the classics, the designers have chosen restrained colors: champagne, ivory, silver and others.

But this is not a “museum” classic, but a living one, adapted to the needs of a modern person. So, instead of the traditional mirror over the fireplace – a picture. And the mirror adorns the wall above the sofa.

The theme of travel is complemented by the marine decor. Admire, for example, this amazing table to the left of the entrance. It resembles the pedestal of an antique statue, but with a slight difference: at the base there is not a column, but a huge shell.

Above – a mock-up of the ship, thanks to which the unusual table fits perfectly into the interior.

charming-apartment-in-notting-hill4 charming-apartment-in-notting-hill5

However, the basic principles of the classic interior have remained unchanged. Muted colors, elegant furniture and, of course, symmetry – all this is present in the interior of the living room. Decorative items in metal, glass and stone complete the luxurious palette.


The decor of this living room is also far from austere classics. There are notes of colonial style: for example, necklaces from Papua New Guinea adorn the fireplace. And next to the sofa, instead of traditional figurines, there are ethnic vases.

charming-apartment-in-notting-hill7 charming-apartment-in-notting-hill8

Kitchen-dining room exactly as it should be in a Victorian mansion. Huge and spacious, it offers almost unlimited resources for both storage and reception.

A large buffet rack divides the kitchen into a front and utility area, decorating the first and hiding the second.


There is enough space for both cooking (including for the whole family) and breakfast. This is made possible by the large kitchen island, which can simultaneously serve as a table and a work surface.

The stove and kitchen cabinets are located along the same wall, which allows two people to cook without interfering with each other.

When designing this kitchen, the designers paid a lot of attention to light. There are all the elements typical for a kitchen-dining room: built-in lamps in the working area, pendant lamps above the bar and table …

But at the same time, each of the lamps has its own flavor. The three above the counter are of different colors. And in the dining area, instead of a chandelier, there are candles of different sizes, assembled on one suspension.

charming-apartment-in-notting-hill10 charming-apartment-in-notting-hill11

Pay attention to the unusual decor. There is a lot of it here, and each item is unique.

A shiny round mirror above the fireplace in the dining area, colorful ceramics in decorative niches, large antique clocks – all this creates a unique style that cannot be attributed to either classics or modernity. By the way, the chairs around the table are not wooden, as is usually the case in such an interior, but made of transparent plastic.

Bedroom made in the same colors as the living room: snow-white, cream, beige …

But a new color is added: a powdery pink. The ensemble with other muted colors and dotted black accents makes it look elegant and feminine at the same time. But not too much – after all, this is a conjugal bedroom.

charming-apartment-in-notting-hill12 charming-apartment-in-notting-hill13

A sliding door separates the bedroom from bathroomcreating a luxurious boudoir. The bathroom floors are made of dark wood, which, in combination with light walls, looks incredibly impressive.

The traditional vanity unit was replaced by Katrina’s own design: stone sinks on a metal pipe base.


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