Review of Italian sofas for luxury apartments


Furniture by Italian craftsmen is considered to be the standard, it is it that is increasingly chosen for design projects for living rooms and offices of luxury apartments. In this article we will tell you about the styles of interiors and luxurious Italian sofas that can be ordered from Italian factories today.


SOHO sofa in Mid-century style by Arredo.

The characteristic features of Mid-century furniture are simplicity of form and functionality. The benefits of this design have been proven over decades of use in interiors. What is the reason for the relevance of this style today?

Mid-century Modern (MCM) style is a modern interpretation of the design of the middle of the last century, which, in turn, was formed under the influence of modernism of the 20-30s (Bauhaus, International Style, etc.). Today, when people talk about the Mid-century, they mean the continuity of the principles of interior design, architecture and urban planning in the United States of the post-war period (1945-1975). The famous American designer Christopher Kennedy summarizes the main principles of modern MCM in his book Making Midcentury Modern:

“The design of Midcentury Modern has an honesty and simplicity that makes it very attractive, especially now that our lives are scheduled by the minute and our world has become more complex. Midcentury Modern is all about simplicity in materials, avoiding unnecessary decorations, connection with the environment and a minimum of things around, except for those that matter. These qualities will always be in vogue. “

As for the furniture in the Mid-century style, then and now it is considered one of the most iconic in the world. It is characterized by natural materials and simplicity of forms.

Left – SOHO sofa, right – SHAKE PRISM model.

If you are looking for a trendy interior, then one of the best ways to create one is to turn to the Mid-century style. The aesthetics have stood the test of time and will most likely still.



Mid-century furniture reflects the absolute minimalism of contemporary art. This design creates a stylish, functional space with no frills. Sofas of this style become elements of the contemporary art style of luxury apartments.


But not only the Mid-century makes the interiors of luxury apartments exquisite. Classics, fusion, loft and other styles work great to create contemporary spaces. In particular, the following composition from the Italian brand ANGELO CAPPELLINI, made in the spirit of the times of Philippe Orleans, proves this. Thanks to exquisite design skills, allusions to rococo in the execution of furniture and the balance of modern interior elements, we see a harmonious and very stylish space.


Or these models of Italian sofas in the Florentine spirit from VITTORIO GRIFONI. The founders of the factory (artists Vittorio and Laura Griffoni) focus on classic Italian designs and create masterpieces of furniture art.


The factory has been making furniture since the 40s of the last century, based on the traditions and samples of furniture of Florentine artisans-cabinetmakers. At first it was a small craft business, now VITTORIO GRIFONI is one of the leading brands with an impeccable reputation around the world.

Both in the 40s and today, the masters of this factory work by hand, creating single pieces, real works of art, the uniqueness of which is one of their main advantages. All decorations are handcrafted according to the 15th century Florentine tradition.

If you dream of such furniture, you can order it at the VITTORIO GRIFONI offices in Italy or through official representatives in Russia. It is proposed to choose an individual design solution, finish, fabrics, material, decor.

Another option for a luxury apartment is the neoclassicism from BEDDING. The BEDDING factory has been making furniture for almost half a century, and this cannot be called production, since they do not use modern technologies. The principle of the factory is only manual production based on the knowledge of old Italian artisans.

The BEDDING CAMBRIDGE sofa is a three-seater model with a folding mechanism option. Materials – leather, wood (solid wood), fabric.

The BEDDING CAMBRIDGE 3POSTI sofa is a stylish neoclassical from the skilful Italian craftsmen. It should not be placed against the wall, it is better to position it so that you can admire the finish of all its sides.


Furniture for apartments in the Loft style

A year ago, Loft interiors were predicted to decline in popularity, but the predictions did not come true. Cafes, restaurants, theaters and living spaces continue the trend.

Sofa 415-Tube VIBIEFFE 415023

Furniture made of genuine leather is beautifully built into the Loft apartments, it looks appropriate and expensive. If the leather is “scuffed”, then it is even better – quite in the spirit of this “attic” style.


Pay attention to the fusion style too. For example, this sofa is quite in the spirit of Andy Warhol, one of the founders of the Loft style.

Wing Line IL LOFT WI22

This is the development of Giorgio Saporiti and his IL Loft factory. They use modern technologies in production, but they do the upholstery by hand.

Another fusion option from GIOVANNETTI. This is also premium furniture. Models have participated in international salons in Turin, Milan, Paris, Cologne, Moscow, Seoul, Tokyo and Chicago and in many other cities. The brand is known for its innovative design and high quality workmanship.

Sofa GIOVANNETTI DUNE 2. Materials – wood, filling – polyurethane foam with protective fabric. Available in leather and leather options.

Loft interiors are suitable for almost any furniture: classic, Mid-century, art nouveau, art deco, etc. Even baroque and rococo can form an incredible space in contrast to the brickwork of the walls in the extensive spans of apartments.

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