Resort style bedroom: Spanish decorator’s loft renovation

If you live in a private house where there is an attic, perhaps its decoration and the creation of a comfortable interior are still ahead of you. Or this space is already being used somehow, but you want to change it: to make it more cozy, beautiful and comfortable. In both cases, this update story can be inspiring.

The owner of this charming attic, more like a beach house, is decorator Elena Jimenez. Her son used to live here. Then the young man left the parental home, and Elena decided to fulfill her old dream of a bedroom under the stars – that is, in the attic.

This space now includes a bedroom, study, dressing room and mini-living room. You will see how the attic looked like before the renovation and thanks to which elements it completely changed its appearance, the way the hostess dreamed about it.


Previously, the room was quite cozy, with a well-thought-out style (after all, the young man’s mother is a professional decorator), but typically masculine: with a predominance of natural wood color, a restrained palette and a small amount of decor.


Obviously, the space was intended primarily for work rather than relaxation. The unpainted ceiling beams fit perfectly into the interior thanks to the correct selection of furniture, but nevertheless, the abundance of dark colors did not favor comfort from a woman’s point of view.


Another proof that “there is no limit to perfection.”


The first thing Elena did was add light. The once cream-colored walls have turned white, the ceiling beams have merged with them in color. There was plenty of natural light in the attic before, but now, thanks to the right furniture and textiles, it just shines.

The first zone that we will talk about is bedroom-study

attic-renovation-in-elegant-style2 attic-renovation-in-elegant-style3

Warm colors are also present to balance the whiteness: wooden floors, a light walnut desk. From the same wood and chests for bed linen – not wanting to clutter up the room, which is beautiful precisely by the abundance of free space, Elena uses them as a chest of drawers.

attic-renovation-in-elegant-style4 attic-renovation-in-elegant-style5

Behind the partition appeared wardrobe – an old dream of the hostess.


To spend less time looking for the things she needs, Elena chose boxes with transparent fronts, behind which the contents are immediately visible. Shirts and blouses, which already hang within reach, are hidden behind curtains.

attic-renovation-in-elegant-style7 attic-renovation-in-elegant-style8

For all its thoughtfulness and convenience, the dressing room, nevertheless, remains cozy and beautiful. There are not only flowers, but even family photos – they make the room special.

attic-renovation-in-elegant-style9 attic-renovation-in-elegant-style10

Part of the attic set aside for living room, also shines with natural light. But here, unlike in the bedroom area, warm tones are not dotted, but scattered throughout the space.


A beige chaise longue chair, bedside tables made of sawn branches – all this subtly complements the magnificent whiteness of the walls, creating the cosiness that should be in the living room. The natural theme is complemented by another eco-decor: cut branches in vases, wooden tray and dishes, candlesticks in light wood color.

attic-renovation-in-elegant-style12 attic-renovation-in-elegant-style13

The decor should be said separately – after all, it is he who makes the room in the attic so cute and at the same time refined.

As we have already mentioned, the theme of nature is actively used: handmade wooden furniture, fresh flowers in vases – without them Elena cannot imagine comfort. But there is something else that adds a unique flavor to the interior: the decor on the theme of the sea. It is expressed in a color palette: light wood, sandy, white – all this reminds of a house by the sea.

Themed decor is also present here – just look at these starfish under glass and candlesticks wrapped in a chiffon ribbon, like a sea breeze!

attic-renovation-in-elegant-style14 attic-renovation-in-elegant-style15

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