Less is more: smart redevelopment of a three-room apartment into a two-room apartment

The famous phrase of one of the inspirers of modern minimalism (Less is more – “Less is more”) in this case received a rather unusual interpretation. A standard 3-room apartment has been converted into a 2-room apartment, and this redevelopment fully meets the needs of the new owners. In their opinion, the idea of ​​reducing the number of rooms was a brilliant find and definitely benefited the interior.

And it all started as usual. The new owner of this apartment, 54-year-old Sabina, together with her husband discussed for a long time whether it was worth doing repairs at all or to limit themselves to moving their furniture.

By the way, these family disputes had a reason: the original layout was difficult to call “unsuccessful”.

But the new owners had their own ideas about comfort.

Therefore, after consulting with an architect, they concluded that one radical change is better than many small ones. Critically assessing the existing 65 square meters, Sabina and her husband decided to renovate with redevelopment. The expectation was to be rewarded with an apartment that would take into account all their ideas about comfort and lifestyle.

In this story, you will see:

  • 2 apartment plans – before and after redevelopment;
  • 15 photos of the new interior;
  • Description of interesting design solutions, including the amazing transformation of a bedroom into a home office.

On the left is the “before” plan, on the right is the “after” redevelopment.

smart-renovation-of-apartment-from-3-to-2-rooms-floor-plan-before smart-renovation-of-apartment-from-3-to-2-rooms-floor-plan-after

BEFORE redevelopment:

The previous owner of the apartment believed that each room should be separate from the others. This apartment has already gone through the dismantling of part of the partitions once and was quite satisfied with the previous owner with the presence of two isolated rooms plus a combined kitchen-dining room space.


The first thing that the new owners did was to demolish all the partitions, practically without touching the load-bearing walls (only slightly moved the entrance to the bathroom from the bedroom).

The kitchen, dining room and living room have become a single whole, which has made the house much more comfortable – by increasing the visual volume.

To make the house seem even brighter, Sabina chose light colors for the walls, furniture and kitchen facades. The placement of furniture also played a role: all large objects are pushed against the walls so that nothing interferes with the spread of natural light.


In addition, the windows overlook the Elbe, so the room is planned so that not a single trifle obscures the picturesque view.


The furniture also helped in zoning. So, the table was placed not perpendicular to the wall, but at an angle of 30 degrees. Everything else is arranged in the way we are used to, but in such a way as to divide a large room into several functional parts.

smart-renovation-of-apartment-from-3-to-2-rooms3 smart-renovation-of-apartment-from-3-to-2-rooms4

For example, the kitchen is located right at the entrance and, in order to separate it from the hallway, the surfaces were arranged in the shape of the letter “P”, fencing part of it with a high partition.


smart-renovation-of-apartment-from-3-to-2-rooms7 smart-renovation-of-apartment-from-3-to-2-rooms8

However, the bedroom still required privacy. To ensure this, the architect advised to abandon partitions in favor of sliding doors.


And this decision came in handy: during the day, the bedroom area, which also serves as a home office, is filled with natural light from the balcony, and at night it is fenced off from the living room. Now each spouse can watch TV or read late at night, without disturbing the other’s sleep.


Speaking of the bedroom, one cannot miss such an important item for a small apartment as a folding bed. Built in between the wardrobes, it rises during the day and lowers at night, providing a comfortable sleeping place for two.

smart-renovation-of-apartment-from-3-to-2-rooms11 smart-renovation-of-apartment-from-3-to-2-rooms12

As we have already mentioned, the bedroom also serves as a study. But there is no place for a full-fledged table, so it was decided to make a mini-office by the window. A tabletop was reinforced in place of the window sill, and a rack next to the window was taken for documents. This arrangement of furniture not only saves space, but also provides maximum natural light during the day.


The bathroom is the only room whose original layout completely suited the new owners. They only made a few changes, decorating the sink with mosaics and adding some hanging cabinets. The plumbing was also replaced with a more compact one.


So, now you know: for a home to become truly comfortable, you do not need to be afraid of radical changes. Perhaps this example will inspire you to make the apartment more spacious?


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