Interior trends in 2021: MosMirMebeli recommendations

In 2020, when many were forced to stay at home for a long time, a harmonious interior designed for the individual needs of the owner became not a luxury, but a necessity that helps to maintain a good mood and not give up.

MosMirMebel’s specialists told how to create a cozy interior, taking into account the fashion trends of 2021. Moreover, now there is an opportunity to choose individual solutions, taking into account personal preferences and unique design. For example, custom-made furniture from the MosMirMebeli company – the company’s designer will help you create a project taking into account the characteristics of the premises and the wishes of the client.

Interior 2021: what it is, the house of the future

For several years now, the main trends in the interior have been environmental friendliness and naturalness, conscious consumption and individuality, minimalism and functionality. Next year will be no exception.

Comfortable and ergonomic furniture

Anything can happen outside the window, but the house is an island of safety, coziness and comfort. The same requirements apply to furniture in 2021. It should be compact and comfortable.

For example, built-in wardrobes, small shelves or folding tables – they do not take up much space, they give a sense of order and cleanliness. Stools and benches for the kitchen are getting soft upholstery, and comfortable hammocks from the garden are quite appropriate in the house.

“Country style”

Rustic as well as Scandinavian style in the interior – a return to the natural, “rustic” lifestyle and traditionally simple design. Natural materials, pastel shades, plants, raw fabrics are important elements of this style. A winning accent will be rattan, willow or bamboo braids.

“Less is more”

The fashion for neat and even a bit ascetic interiors has already reached Europe from the USA and Asia. Refusal of unnecessary is a continuation of the striving for naturalness and putting things in order in life. Particularly in demand will be compact furniture that does not take up much space.

For example, MosMirMebeli specialists have been manufacturing built-in furniture to individual sizes for many years. It fits perfectly into any interior and layout, and also maintains useful space even in small apartments.

Customized solutions

Taking care of yourself isn’t just about eating delicious food or going to the spa. Taking care of yourself – creating an interior that is cozy. This is one of the main tasks of MosMirMebeli.

Custom-made furniture is not only a reflection of the owner’s character and lifestyle, but also a new level of comfort. All parameters are taken into account for a specific person, so problems of too small / large beds and wardrobes, too low / high tabletops, etc. automatically disappear.

About company

MosMirMebel is a company that manufactures custom-made furniture. The company’s specialists will not only design and manufacture furniture, but also deliver it, assemble and install it.

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