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The turnkey log house is not expensive and hassle-free

Most of the townspeople buy a summer cottage in the Moscow region to spend their weekends in the fresh air, grow vegetables, flowers, fruits, just relax. But among summer residents there is a special category of people who buy a cottage for the sake of a bath. They believe that for their own suburban area, near a forest and a reservoir buy a blockhouse of a bathhouse inexpensively much more important than taking care of potato crops. And, of course, buy a bathhouse from a log house for a family it is much better and more beneficial than visiting city public baths and commercial saunas.

turnkey log cabin

Here is a suburban area purchased, and with it many questions about the construction of a family bath were discovered:

• how to build a bathhouse?

• what should be its size?

• in what place of the site is it better to put it?

• from what materials log cabins are cheap cost?

• If buy a bathhouse from a log house, how long will it take to assemble it?

From the point of view of saving the family budget and personal time, it is most advisable to buy a ready-made turnkey bathhouse frame. Thus, you will save yourself from all the hassle and misunderstandings that usually haunt inexperienced developers and spoil all the pleasure of anticipating a quick light steam.

Why is it better buy an inexpensive log house

turnkey bathhouse

No matter how many artificial building materials have been invented, none of them can replace natural wood. The steam will be truly light, and the bath procedure itself is as healing as possible, if buy a bathhouse from a log house. It does not have to worry about maintaining high air humidity, because wood regulates it in the most natural way. In a Russian bathhouse at an air temperature of 40-60 ° C, the air humidity remains at the level of 90-100%. The scent of warm wood is delightful, unlike the smell of wet plaster or cement, and the touch of warm logs is much more pleasant than slippery tiles.

From an economic point of view, it is more profitable buy a blockhouse of a bathhouse inexpensivelythan to build it from brick or foam concrete. Despite the fact that wood is more expensive, the turnkey log house will reimburse the rest of the costs a hundredfold:

• A light log house does not need a strong foundation. If you want to build a spacious bath house with an attic, then a shallow strip foundation is enough. And if you buy a bathhouse from a log house small and cozy, then a pile-screw, or even a support-columnar one, depending on the state of the soil, is suitable.

• The thermal conductivity of wood is 0.08 – 0.30 W. For comparison: sand-lime brick 0.70 – 0.80 W, ceramic brick 0.50 – 0.80 W, clinker brick 0.80 – 0.90 W. This means that the brick wall of the bath will have to be built either 3-10 times thicker than the log, or insulate it on both sides with insulating materials.

• Low thermal conductivity also contributes to lower energy costs and Reduces the cost of building a bathhouse. It will take 0.5 – 1.0 hours to warm up a log building, a brick structure of the same size needs a 3-hour warm-up.

Log houses of the baths are cheap cost, because it does not need finishing materials, because no cladding can compare with the beauty of the color and texture of natural wood.

• A company offering turnkey log cabins, has considerable experience in assembling them. If you accept such an offer, then in two weeks you will be able to celebrate the bath housewarming with light steam.

• Profitable buy an inexpensive log house and in the event that in the future it is possible for the family to move to another settlement. The blockhouse can be disassembled into logs and transported to a new location.

Why else log cabins are cheap cost

The cost of any building is increased by additional elements. So a box with blank walls and a low ceiling is much cheaper than a room of the same area, but with high ceilings, wide doors, large windows. The same applies to the sauna. turnkey log house.

If you buy a bathhouse from a log house, you will find that it has small windows and not wide doors. This is necessary for maximum heat retention. The height of the front door must be sufficient for the free entry of people. And so that the steam room does not get cold, its doorway is cut below the average human height. The windows in the bath are made small so that they can get enough daylight and quickly ventilate the premises.

turnkey bath

Bathhouse yet cheaper it will cost if it is placed on the shore of a natural reservoir. In this case, the owner of the bath does not have to build a pool with cold water. Turnkey bathhouse will also save a significant amount on the supply and connection of the water supply system. Using a conventional electric pump, you can provide the bath with a sufficient amount of water.

A comfortable bathhouse consists of several rooms: a steam room, a washing room, a rest room, a dressing room. Each of the listed premises performs its own function.
But you can buy a blockhouse of a bathhouse inexpensively, if you opt for economical projects, according to which the rest room is combined with the dressing room, and the steam room – with the washing room.

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