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Intensive construction of wooden country houses

Country bath

Even 20 years ago, a dacha was called a piece of land measuring 6 acres, located near the devil on the kulichi and was considered exclusively agricultural land with an unpretentious shed or trailer. That time has sunk into oblivion. The current generation of summer residents does not imagine that country houses can be gray and inconspicuous. In their concept, the correct ones should be country houses made of hand-cut logs, rounded logs, profiled glued beams. Dacha is a place for comfortable rest, enjoying life, temporary or long-term stay. And although it is still far from the city, good roads lead to it.

You go out of town to the dacha to relieve stress, calm your nerves, breathe fresh air, and improve your health. And if you arrange your site correctly, your outdoor activities will be as effective as possible. Brick and block houses, even those installed far outside the city limits, are no different from city apartments. The air in them is just as dead, and when the windows and doors are closed, it is damp and stale. In such a house, the concept of “dacha” loses its meaning.

Construction and sale of wooden houses for a real cottage

Sauna for giving from a log

But if you build a wooden country house, its atmosphere will always be healthy and comfortable. The structure of natural wood is such that it “breathes” in any conditions – it regulates the composition and natural humidity of the air in the room. There is never a smell of dampness or stagnant air in a wooden house. It always has enough oxygen and a light woody aroma. Sleep in a wooden house is always strong and healthy, awakening is light and joyful. A wooden house harmonizes people’s lives, relieves anxiety and discomfort.
country house

The modern possibilities of the construction market make it possible to optimally combine the amenities inherent in the city with a measured rural life in a country house. Industry development construction and sales of wooden houses is happening rapidly. Specialized companies offer to all comers country houses, Russian baths, gazebos made of rounded logs, planed logs, beams.

Country houses made of profiled timber are in special demand among summer residents for many reasons:

Country house made of profiled timber
  • the geometric shape of the wall material allows in a matter of days build wooden country houses any size
  • well-dried sanded timber initially adheres tightly to one another, requiring no time for shrinkage
  • construction and sale of wooden houses performed in a short time, unattainable during the construction of brick or block
  • construction of wooden country houses is much cheaper than brick

country house

smooth walls country house made of profiled timber beautiful in themselves and do not need fine finishing

v dA typical house made of profiled timber is cozy and warm at any time of the year; after a long downtime, the house heats up very quickly

Companies engaged in the construction and sale of wooden houses for suburban areas offer consumers hundreds of different standard projects. Clients are provided with a wide selection of neat one-storey houses with a kitchen and 1-2 living rooms, medium-sized bath houses with an attic, solid two-storey cottages for a large family. At their service are various projects of buildings of small architectural forms: baths, outbuildings, pavilions made of rounded logs and beams. Clients who have their own idea of ​​suburban housing order country houses made of profiled timber individually.

The construction and sale of wooden houses made at the sawmill has another important advantage. The owners of summer cottages equip and ennoble their plots as convenient and beautiful as possible. The construction of wooden country houses is carried out very carefully. Wood building material is cut at the sawmill. The buyer gets at his disposal a constructor, ready for assembly and does not leave sawdust and scraps on the construction site. Summer residents do not have to restore the destruction, take out construction waste, and re-plant flowers and trees.

Round log gazebos: a combination of aesthetics and comfort

Gazebos from a log to the country

Construction of wooden country houses usually not limited to one object. To make your holiday in the country as useful as possible, it is recommended to install a good Russian bath in the country and a gazebo made of rounded logs. The bathhouse gives healing to the body, and in the gazebo you can enjoy your time of relaxation in any season. Open from all sides, it makes it possible to admire the blooming garden, breathe fresh air, enjoy the singing of birds. Its roof perfectly protects from rain, gives a blessed shade on a sultry afternoon.

Round log gazebos look great in any shape. They can be installed solo in the back of a garden among the trees or attached to the wall of the house. They will receive decorations from flowering plants in pots and pots, tulle curtains that shade from the bright sun and protect from insects.

The gazebos are equipped with a table and benches. It is pleasant to arrange family gatherings in them, to treat guests to tea with buns. Cozyly seated in a gazebo, schoolchildren and students can fruitfully gnaw the granite of science. It is pleasant to sit here on fine autumn or spring days, when you want to breathe fresh air, but you can no longer open the windows in the house.

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