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Buy a log house and a bathhouse from a log

No one appreciates the tree as much as the inhabitants of the metropolis. Nobody gives such preference to natural, environmentally friendly materials as hostages of reinforced concrete structures. Yesterday you were walking through the noisy capital, and already in the morning you were captured by silence and clean air.

Take a look around … A wooden blockhouse, a bathhouse, a cheerfully crackling fire and you are already firmly convinced that an apartment in the city center is just a prelude. And the afterword – here it is, very close … And there is no need to look for any new ideas for the construction of a country house, a log house is a ready-made solution that has proved its right to exist for several decades.

What are the advantages of a log house?

log house

Perhaps the main and indisputable advantage that a log house gives you is environmental friendliness and psychological comfort. Let’s leave a little aside

figures, although they will say their weighty word, let’s talk specifically about environmental friendliness.

To erect a log house, natural wood of natural moisture is used. For greater reliability and durability of the log house, it is recommended to use larch or oak as the lower crowns. Pine is recommended as the main material, as it has the most optimal characteristics in terms of price / quality.

Despite the fact that many building materials can provide unique data in relation to heat and sound insulation, only wood can guarantee air permeability, and, to be more precise, a hand-cut log house. Add to this the special microclimate, which is created by the phytoncides present in conifers and the “sunlight” light of the wood, and it becomes clear why the hand-cut felling is so popular. But to complete the picture, let’s add a few numbers.

5 arguments for building a log house from a log

Log house does not need advertising, let’s say, better than any advertising are the samples of wooden housing construction that have come down to our days. Log bathhouse erected according to the basic principle – nailless connection. In this case, the logs are stacked on top of each other according to the principle – butt to the top. Thanks to this, the tightness of the fit of the crowns to each other is achieved, and the wall turns out to be windproof.

The log house is distinguished by the following indicators:

  • A wooden wall is not inferior in terms of heat engineering characteristics to brickwork, but it creates a lower load on the foundation on average up to 3 times.
  • Thanks to this, there are no restrictions on the choice of foundation.
  • the log house does not need finishing, due to this direct savings are more than 30%
  • a manual felling is more economical in construction than a log cabin made of rounded logs. Already at the first stage of preparing the material, up to 15% of the cost is saved to increase the rigidity of the structure, a screed with wooden pins is used, which contributes to the impermeability of the walls.

But, one of the main advantages for which it is famous buy a log house – this is environmental friendliness, air exchange and regulation of moisture balance. None of the building materials can offer you this set, only wood.

What are the specific features of a log house?

A log house is erected in various ways, the most often used for this is “in the paw” and “in the bowl”. The differences between these two technologies lie both in the visual effect and in the presence of an angle that either requires insulation or is already warm.

In order to decide on what technology to build a log house, we recommend evaluating several conditions: the cost of finishing, decorativeness and cost overruns.

log house
If log house erected according to the “in a bowl” way, it acquires the classic features of log houses, which are distinguished by the protrusion of the logs beyond the edge of the corner within half a meter. Thanks to this, a warm corner is obtained, which does not need additional insulation. However, from the negative points, it can be noted that such a blockhouse is extremely difficult in external decoration, if the latter is provided for by an architectural project, plus an overconsumption of wood is noted within 15%.

If buy a log house erected by the “in the paw” way, the corner requires additional insulation. And in spite of the fact that the log house loses its expressiveness, it provides much more possibilities for decoration and eliminates overconsumption of wood.

The main feature of any log cabins Is shrinkage. After the construction of the wall kit log house should shrink. Therefore, they begin to finish it no earlier than after 9-12 months. The amount of shrinkage reaches up to 10%, however, for modern housing construction this is not a problem, since as a result, the frame is reliable and durable, and its walls are not ventilated.

The log house, erected by the specialists of our company, will delight you for more than a dozen years, because we guarantee high quality work and environmentally friendly materials.

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