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Bath in the house or separately – which is better?

Bath in the house or separately – which is better?

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the bath is set up separately from the house for two main reasons.

Firstly, to start living in a suburban area, it is enough at home and without a steam room.

Secondly, the combination of these two, different in functionality, buildings is associated with some difficulties, discussed below.

Despite this, baths in residential buildings, nevertheless, are not so rare. There are also two key reasons for this – convenience and compactness.

Bath in the house: pros and cons

First, consider a less common solution when a bath is combined with a residential building. What are the benefits of such a project, are there any difficulties in its implementation, and how to overcome them with the least expenditure of time, money and effort?

Benefits of a bath in the house:

  • Construction cost. As a rule, it is much cheaper to implement a simple bathhouse in a residential building for money than to build it as a separate building. The foundation is common, the roof is also. At least one main wall will also be common. The cost is also reduced due to general communications, as described in clause 5.
  • Compactness. Combined projects, in any case, take up less space on a suburban area than stand-alone ones. If we compare, for example, a house with a bath with a total area of ​​80 m2 with two separate buildings with an area of ​​20 m2 (bath) and 60 m2 (housing), then the first option will be more compact, both visually and practically. This advantage is especially beneficial for owners of small building plots.
  • Convenience. After bathing procedures, you do not need to run across the street into the house. It is more convenient both in winter and in summer, if it is already night outside.
  • Additional warmth in the house in winter. Residual heat after visiting the sauna can be directed into the house, saving on heating costs.
  • General communications. A modern bath is impossible without running water, sewerage and electrification. All this can be combined with the lines of the house, which is cheaper than pulling highways from building to building.

Despite the rather significant advantages, a bath in the house is a rather rare solution today, and it will remain so in the future. Why is that? The point is that pluses are always accompanied by minuses. In this case, these are:

  • poor selection of ready-made projects;
  • high humidity in the house;
  • strict requirements for hydro and vapor barrier;
  • increased risk of fire in the house;
  • the possibility of smoke from the housing from the stove;
  • in the summer heat from the bath will enter the house.

Naturally, all these disadvantages can be easily neutralized, however, this will require additional investments and competent performers.

Bath separate from home: pros and cons

It is quite logical that the pros and cons of such a solution are reversed. Therefore, it makes no sense to list everything that was indicated above, point by point. However, as mentioned above, the main reason why the baths are built separately from the house is not dampness, not fire hazard, and not summer heat.

When a new site settles in, just few people think about the bath. There is enough worries and hassle without it. About the bath, as a rule, thoughts are visited already when the dwelling is equipped, decorated, equipped with furniture and household appliances. Therefore, houses are rarely found where a bathhouse has been implemented, which was designed as a joint building with housing.

In recent years, the situation has changed slightly, but not radically. Joint projects are being developed more actively today than before. There is a great opportunity to order a high-quality individual project. They are used by owners of small suburban areas, as well as those who love everything rationalized and optimized (well, or, if there is more money than is needed for housing construction). In other cases, the bathhouse from the residential building is built in the old fashioned way – separately.


Despite a number of significant advantages, the bath in the house is quite rare. A combined project is cheaper, more compact and more convenient. The reason for this trend is the fact that when building a house, rarely does anyone think about a bath, since there are already enough problems.

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