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A good bath made of profiled timber!

The owners of country houses do not even have a question about the need to build a bath. The bathhouse is a self-evident element, without which neither the architectural ensemble of the estate, nor the life of its owners is inconceivable. If pure land is acquired, then wooden bath necessarily included in project its development. And if a plot with one house is purchased, then the owner’s list of priority tasks includes the earliest consideration projects of wooden baths… Your own steam room, at any time ready to receive, warm up, relax, heal, restore – is there anything more important in today’s hectic life ?!

But not every bathhouse can be ready for the services of the owners at any time. For example, a brick bath will have to be heated for three whole hours. This is not only inconvenient, but also not profitable. What if you are cold and need to take a steam bath urgently to prevent a cold? After three hours, this measure may already be useless. Another thing – sauna from profiled timber! It will warm up in half an hour, you just have time to undress and get ready for bath procedures.

sauna from a professional bar

Advantages baths made of profiled timber

Profiled timber is known as a unique building material with special properties. It is made from selected raw materials, dried in a chamber, and profiled. As a result of a complex technological process, the consumer receives a high-quality, strong, durable, beautiful wall material.

Considering wooden bath projects and sketches in which the use of this particular wall material is provided, pay attention to their economic benefits:

• High assembly speed baths made of profiled timber, due to the clear geometric shape of the wall material. A team of two or three builders will implement any project in 1-2 weeks. You will not notice the clutter inherent in any construction site on the site.

• The profiled timber processed on milling machines adheres very tightly to one another. Sauna from profiled timber does not need linen or jute insulation, there is no question of drafts in it at all.

• The timber is dried in a special oven, therefore, in a log house, it no longer shrinks due to shrinkage. Bath from a profiled bursa can be put into operation immediately after the end of its assembly.

• In the process of production and installation, the timber is treated with protective equipment, therefore, profiled timber baths are known for high moisture resistance and fire resistance.

• No matter what wooden bath project was chosen, the finished structure always looks very aesthetically pleasing. Perfectly smooth walls do not need processing and finishing.

We choose projects of wooden baths

Each owner of a country house has his own ideas about the comfort and aesthetics of the bath. Considering projects of wooden baths, pay attention to architectural flexibility baths from a profiled bar. If any wooden bath in the project you liked it, but some of its details do not suit you, it can be easily fixed. The simplest type of timber structure is a rectangular structure with absolutely even smooth wooden walls. It is these walls that can be easily modified. In them, you can expand existing openings, cut new ones, apply a carved pattern without losing the strength of the supporting structure.

The construction company invites you to consider wooden bath projects in various architectural and constructive variations. Your job is to choose the one that fits perfectly into your site and is cost effective for your budget. Before you order a bath from a profiled bar, answer three important questions:

1. How many people will take a steam bath at the same time? The minimum construction area is 10 m². It will be enough for 4-6 people.

sauna from profiled timber

Comfortable minimum space for 1 person – 1.5 m². If you intend to receive more guests, you will have to pay attention to wooden bath projects larger area.

2. How intensively it will be used a bath from a profiled bar? If you intend to go to the dacha only in the summer months, then you can consider economical projects of wooden baths small area with two rooms and a terrace. With year-round intensive use of the building, it is better to choose a more expensive but solid structure of four rooms. And with a large number of people, you should think about a bath with an attic.

3. Do you need a pool near the sauna? If your site is located on the shore of a reservoir, then the costs of building a pool disappear by themselves. It is enough to equip and equip a natural beach. If only your family of 2-4 people will constantly take a steam bath, then you can get by with a large wooden font.

If typical baths made of profiled timber do not suit you, the architectural and design bureau offers either to make adjustments to the project you like most, or to develop an individual one, which will reflect all your requirements, wishes and ideas about a real home bath.

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