How to make an organizer for children’s toys with your own hands

The child will not learn to put things in order in the room on his own until the moment, until he has somewhere to put his toys. You can organize a convenient space for storing children’s toys using an organizer, you can buy it in a store, another option is to do it yourself. The latter method is less costly due to the fact that most of the necessary materials for assembly are in every home.

The toy organizer is a handy device that will help your child not only fold all the toys in the room, but also organize them into categories. The main task when assembling the device with your own hands is that the child should like the end result, otherwise all efforts will be in vain.

The toy organizer can be made with:

• Old cardboard boxes of various sizes;
• Multi-colored plastic boxes and buckets;
• An old suitcase that has not been used for a long time;
• From the remains of old fabric, if you plan to store small toys (lego, rag dolls, kinders, etc.).

Box of cardboard boxes

The most affordable and inexpensive option is to make an organizer out of old unnecessary boxes. Boxes of any size are suitable – from small for electronics to large for household appliances.

To make an organizer you will need:

• Colored or wrapping paper for finishing external and internal surfaces;
• Scissors or stationery knife;
• Glue;
• Scotch tape.


The manufacturing process includes the following steps:

  1. The box is inspected for contamination and cleaned, and the remains of old scotch tape are also removed.
  2. With the help of a clerical knife, all elements of the top cover are removed.
  3. If the box is large, cardboard partitions can be placed inside to divide the space into sections. If you are working with small boxes, you first need to glue several elements together to create a single structure.
  4. Cut the wrapping or colored paper into pieces for more convenient work. It is better to choose the color of the paper to match the design of the children’s room, and with the help of the organizer it is easy to make color accents when choosing contrasting shades.
  5. Using glue (preferably PVA), finish the inside and outside of the box.
  6. Wait until the glue is completely dry before giving the organizer to your child (1-2 days).

To make the organizer last for a long time, it turned out to be more durable, you can use additional sheets of thick cardboard to strengthen the side walls and the bottom.

Box made of wood

A more costly but reliable option for making an organizer for children’s toys is made of wood. The box can be blind or with through holes, it all depends on the size of the stored toys.


For manufacturing you will need:

• Sheets of plywood of the required thickness;
• Brush and paint;
• Hinges for doors;
• Screws;
• Furniture corners.

The manufacturing and assembly process includes the following steps:

  1. Draw a sketch of the future organizer on paper, having determined in advance the dimensions of the finished box.
  2. Mark the plywood, cut the sheet into the outlined parts using a jigsaw or a regular saw. Thoroughly sand all edges with sandpaper to avoid leaving a burr of wood that could injure your baby.
  3. Via
  4. Using the corners, assemble the bottom, side parts and partitions of the future organizer into a single structure, check the strength of the fasteners. If necessary, the places for screwing in screws or self-tapping screws can be closed with special plastic plugs.
  5. Secure the cover with the hinges.
  6. Paint the inside and outside of the box with a suitable color.
  7. Leave the product to dry.

The appearance of the wooden toy organizer completely depends on your imagination and the wishes of the kid.

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