Elite sofas: expectation and reality

There is so much pathos in the phrase “Elite sofa”. Do you agree? When the question of buying new upholstered furniture comes up, everyone wants to find an exceptional model “not like everyone else’s”. And in search of inspiration, and perhaps a new sofa, he first goes to the vastness of the Internet, where “Action 1” unfolds.

Act 1: lyrics

Here, in the Global Network, a certain stereotype has long been formed: an elite sofa is necessarily large, leather, expensive and ITALIAN. Yes, it is this manufacturing country that, with its many years of work, has won the endless trust of buyers. Their furniture has a special design, quality materials and, of course, a fabulous price.

At the sight of a real Italian elite sofa, the fairer sex has certain emotions inside. You can’t whine on it at a melodrama with a cat. Only stilettos and stockings. You feel like “Princess Di”! Male interiors with Italian sofas seem no less aristocratic: a sofa by the fireplace, a Christmas tree under the ceiling, a fluffy Shapman carpet, a bottle of the recently opened Isabellas Islay and Idiot with a room on page 96. But the main question is – how the hell do people dare to give so much money just to own this sofa?

Here, perhaps, it is worth going to the “Intermission” in order to put yourself in order and create a presentable image for a trip to the “Salon of Elite Italian Upholstered Furniture”, where “Action 2” will unfold.


Step 2: waiting

Have any of you been to the Salon of Elite Italian Upholstered Furniture in Moscow? If you have, then support – if not, then you will find out what to prepare for:

  • There is twilight inside. Strange but interesting backlighting.
  • Everything from the front door handles to the ceiling lights looks as impressive as possible.
  • There are many catalogs with interiors and beautiful women everywhere.
  • The most helpful (not for everyone, but more on that later) and ideally suited consultants.
  • Somewhere in the center of the showroom sits a brooding artist-designer who can paint your dream interior with a new chic sofa in minutes.
  • Each sofa has a special stop and character around it.
  • The showroom features samples with an incredibly alluring fabric texture that you will not find in ordinary salons. By the way, it’s scary to even sit on it.
  • Most models have price tags that exceed the average salary by at least one 0. But there are models without tags – only the most confident buyers risk finding out about the cost of these sofas.


It is definitely worth visiting such a “cultural” institution. But be sure – if the stars did not come together today and you did not make an impression on those very consultants, they will not even approach you. Psychology is such a thing. Until you start trying on the role of an “elite” or “non-elite” buyer, we will go to “Intermission”. In “Intermission” you can think about why you got the idea that all the luxury furniture in this salon is really made in Italy ?! But this question is more rhetorical – it does not require an answer.

Act 3: real life

Having received certain emotions in an elite salon, you go to the most ordinary salon of upholstered furniture. And what’s going on here?

  • The furnishings are neat, realistic, almost like your home.
  • The light is soft and pleasant – you feel light and relaxed, walking along the interior corridors, trying on sofas for the living room or kitchen.
  • The consultants smile affably and are ready to answer even the most primitive question without an unnecessary grin – you are their guest.
  • On any sofa you can sit, lie down and even jump. You are offered to touch the upholstery, see all possible options.
  • What about prices and range? Surprise awaits you here. Among the mass of very faceless or, on the contrary, too extravagant sofas, there are models of incredible beauty that would look just as luxurious, if placed in the same elite design. At the same time, their price is quite adequate, and the manufacturer is more likely from the Moscow region than from Italy! For example:

Straight sofa “Florence”, found in an ordinary salon of a Russian manufacturer:


And this is the “Mobili SD Sofa Victor” from Italy:


Here’s another example – the Paola sofa from Russia:


And here is the “Mobili SD Sofa Giulietta” from the same Italy:


If there is no opportunity and desire to shell out a tidy sum of money, which will be announced when contacting for detailed information about each of these models, is it worth buying an elite sofa in an Italian salon? With this money, you can fully furnish at least one room. Look at the pictures, remember the previous action and the whole entourage. Are you ready to create it at home? Not?! In this case, how will all “visitors” have to understand that this is really an “elite” sofa? Hang up the price tag? Or will you shake about his appearance every minute, not even allowing you to sit on it !?

It’s better to feel truly happy with the purchase of a high-quality, elegant and even luxurious sofa from a domestic factory! It is in the atmosphere created in an ordinary salon that you will make an informed choice and pay real money for a durable piece of furniture, which will later be appreciated by relatives and friends – you were going to buy “elite” for them, frankly ?! And technology has long gone ahead and factories also use “foreign” equipment and the quality can still be argued.

If you are not an oil tycoon, but still dream of buying an “elite sofa” – here is a piece of advice: do not chase the entourage, look for high-quality expensive furniture in the most ordinary salons! By the way, the models presented above were surprisingly discovered in the salon of the Ladya factory. The guarantees that the same Italian sofa will last as long and bring the same amount of comfort and coziness are very small. Unfortunately, expectations and reality do not always coincide!

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