Custom furniture: why is it profitable?

So you’ve decided to update your interior. What will you do first? Probably go shopping to explore the assortment. It often turns out that the consumer cannot find what he needs for a long time. In shopping malls, standard variations are presented, among which it is not always easy to find the very model: I liked the design – the sizes do not fit. The dimensions correspond to the room – the functionality does not suit. How to combine all parameters? The answer is simple: order furniture!

The benefits are worth the money spent

Many people think that furnishing according to an exclusive design is too expensive a service. Yes, an order will cost more than buying a finished product. However, the price is justified by the benefits that you get in the end. Strength, durability, adaptation to personal needs are much higher. You get exactly what you need. No half-measures: interior solutions made by professionals will suit you in every way.

Another significant point. How do you estimate your time spent on long trips to furniture stores? And all this for the sake of a non-one hundred percent option. Why settle for something that just suits you, it’s better to get something that is truly enjoyable.


Meeting your needs

The advantages of custom-sketch production are clear. Let’s name the main ones:

  1. You get custom-made dressing rooms, kitchens or furniture for any other room, made individually for your interior. Need to fit a dressing room into a narrow hallway? This can be achieved without any problems by making custom-made cabinets. Do you need to make a sofa of non-standard sizes and shapes? Specialists will make it according to the specified parameters of length, width and height.

  2. The design is determined by the customer. Appearance is especially significant when it comes to interior furnishings. It is important that the design is pleasant, because the house is a place where you want to feel as comfortable as possible and live in pleasure. Custom-made means any type of design and decoration, whether it is complex carved elements under the gold leaf or modern solutions with brass inserts and metallized enamel.

  3. Functionality and content are implemented according to the needs of the buyer. You won’t find a folding table for attaching to a windowsill anywhere. Although it is very convenient for small kitchens. It is difficult to find a bed in a furniture center with a pull-out breakfast table or shelves built into the back for books and other little things. It is extremely rare that wardrobes are equipped with sections for an ironing surface or a vacuum cleaner, but this possibility is relevant for apartments without storage rooms. In other words, you can assemble furniture to fit your needs, even if you need a truly original design.

  4. Materials are selected taking into account customer requirements. Is sustainability important to you? Oak or ash will be used. If you want fittings and pull-out systems to be of a certain quality, our specialists will select the best solution. This matters, as it happens that in showrooms you have to put up with cheap chipboard for the sake of suitable functionality.




Trust the professionals

The best guarantee for a quality product is the right choice of the manufacturer. What should you pay attention to? We asked Alexei Bukhta, the manager of Vinchelli, a leading Russian manufacturer of luxury doors, furniture, stairs and natural wood windows, to answer this question.


“You shouldn’t trust those who offer custom items at too low prices. The cost of piecework is by definition higher than that of mass-produced factories.

Do not trust those performers who promise to produce a complex model in a few days. With a high degree of probability, such promises mean that the real time frame will be longer than the company promises. Or, worse, the quality of the product will suffer.

Making a chest of drawers, a table or an armchair from natural wood is time consuming. The correct manufacturing technology provides for the “laying” and drying of wooden boards and blanks in special conditions in production. This avoids deformation of the furniture in the future. It is necessary to observe many technological subtleties so that later you can enjoy a high-quality, durable product. Such subtleties include meticulous sanding, multi-layer painting, precise assembly – all this makes the furniture truly premium and worth its money. “

Custom-made furniture is the choice of people who value comfort and individual solutions. For exclusive interior items to please you for a long time, give preference to reliable manufacturers.

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