Creative in a modern style: a journey through a Spanish apartment of 70 sq.m

When talking about renovating a home, they often focus on how a successful one turned out from a bad one. But today we will talk about something else. You will see how the apartment with good potential has become even better thanks to the new interior design.

An abundance of light, a terrace with a picturesque view, a rather large area (70 square meters) – what more could you ask for? However, there is no limit to perfection. Advice from the designer plus a little imagination – and the apartment has found a new face, modern and truly original.

In this virtual trip you will see a plan with furniture arrangement and 18 photos of interiors.

Despite the good layout and large area, until recently this apartment was in poor condition. The new owners saw rich potential in it and did everything to realize it. They turned to a design studio and received not only comfortable, but also cozy accommodation. Now let’s look at what makes this apartment exactly like that.

To begin with, what this apartment looks like now on the plan with the furniture arrangement:


The main advantage living-dining room – access to the terrace, guaranteeing an abundance of natural light. The room was originally spacious and light, but the white walls and floor-length windows make it literally shine. Bright accents – a turquoise sofa, yellow pillows and a chair, a green armchair – only add to the sunny mood of the living room, and a few black elements add contrast.


Natural motifs look great in almost any interior, and this one is no exception. There are both beautiful views in photos and paintings, as well as the gifts of nature themselves: fresh flowers in a jug, bouquets of lavender.

Another interesting idea embodied in this living room is the open plan concept. It is difficult in that a large free space needs careful organization, otherwise it will look empty and inhospitable. But here everything is more than thought out.

Firstly, the living area has a different floor covering than the dining room and hallway. Secondly, throughout the living room there are decorative beams both on the ceiling and on the walls. They perform two functions at once: they visually divide the room and add volume to a room with plain walls.

The grill next to the hallway is made of the same wood. Its purpose is much more than just a decor: in the niche that it closes, a radiator and … a bicycle are hidden. Yes, yes, these wooden planks are actually the door of a home mini-garage.

contemporary-spanish-apartment-70sqm3 contemporary-spanish-apartment-70sqm4
contemporary-spanish-apartment-70sqm5 contemporary-spanish-apartment-70sqm6
contemporary-spanish-apartment-70sqm7 contemporary-spanish-apartment-70sqm8

Now consider kitchen… Previously, there were walls between her and the living room, which were demolished in favor of glass partitions. The latter are made in such a way that light enters the kitchen, but at the same time it is separated from the rest of the house. Note: separate, not insulated, which is why the partition is glass.

The kitchen itself is a triumph of minimalism. The facades of the cabinets are devoid of any decor, even door handles. The main role is given to color and materials: some of the cabinets are white, the rest are made of light wood. This combination enhances natural light while remaining cozy and timeless.

contemporary-spanish-apartment-70sqm9 contemporary-spanish-apartment-70sqm10
contemporary-spanish-apartment-70sqm11 contemporary-spanish-apartment-70sqm12

There are glass partitions and in the bedroom, but here they are mobile and sliding. With their help, the dressing room is separated from the sleeping place without cluttering the room with unnecessary partitions. At the same time, the partitions do not reach the ceiling, allowing the light from the window to fill the entire room.

The design of the bedroom as a whole uses the same principles as throughout the apartment: white walls, blue accents and minimalism in terms of decor. Even the bed does not have a headboard – its role is played by an artistic photo that attracts the eye to the wall above the bed.

contemporary-spanish-apartment-70sqm13 contemporary-spanish-apartment-70sqm14
contemporary-spanish-apartment-70sqm15 contemporary-spanish-apartment-70sqm16

Finally, consider the bathroom. There is nothing bright here, only neutral tones – white and dark gray. The beauty is in their contrast both with each other and with the decor. So, containers for bath accessories are made of bamboo, and there are always fresh flowers here. Yes, even in the bathroom – after all, it is the morning rituals that set the mood for the whole day.

contemporary-spanish-apartment-70sqm17 contemporary-spanish-apartment-70sqm18

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