An Italian living room for people with impeccable taste. We select furniture for “home Italy”

Many people see Italian furniture for the living room as a combination of classic shades of wood and sophisticated fittings. But the choice is much greater. At the International Furniture Exhibition SALONE DEL MOBILE MILAN 2018 held in Milan, one could see a variety of new design solutions. Manufacturers have long ago moved away from the Victorian style in interiors and are ready to offer something more. You can repeat some of the Milanese styles at home or create your own. We have prepared a selection of interesting furniture for the living room from the ARREDO salon for your design solutions.

Modern (modern)

Laconic low upholstered and cabinet furniture. Simple legs, minimal decor, pure soft shades – milk, coffee, chocolate. The sitting area in the living room is complemented by a low coffee table with a simple flat top.

Suitable for the implementation of this interior:

Living room from the I 4 MARIANI factory (HOME collection).


The sofa and armchair are made in light or dark leather. The fronts of the wardrobes can be made in ebony, zebrano, walnut and additionally trimmed with leather.
The collection also includes a buffet, a bar, bar stools, a coffee table.

Black and white living room from the MOLTENI factory (DIVANI POLTRONE collection)


The fabric upholstery can be made in any color. The set includes a pouf, an armchair with a swivel base, a sofa.

Art Deco

It surprises and inspires with original accents, bright contrasts and harmony of seemingly incompatible things.


Interesting interior option:


Sets for the living room from the Italian factory ALCHYMIA

Gold and black velvet, polished luster, animal images set the theme. The highlight is a solid wood armchair with a hand-painted purple back.

Living room collection from ISACCO AGOSTONI factory


The combination of blue and brown refers to the Mediterranean ethnicity.
Solid wood facades can be made in zebrano, walnut, radical, incl. with gilding, silvering, aged.


Warm range of shades for solid wood furniture and upholstered sofas. Quite simple forms, an abundance of light, glass, mirrors.


Suitable for the implementation of the interior in neoclassicism:

LCI STILE Italian living room (SOFAS and CHAIRS collection)


Laconic upholstered furniture with hard armrests. It is versatile and can be easily combined with mirrored display cases or a classic wall.

ECLECTICA collection from FRANCESCO MOLON factory


Luxurious furniture in leather with a pleasant golden hue for a spacious living room. Quite simple shapes compensate for pillows with contrasting textile upholstery.


A mixture of styles, where minimalism, art deco or even baroque can be taken as a basis. Accents with the help of light, accessories, decor are important. With the smallest set of furniture and simple design, the interior will be harmoniously complemented by vases, textiles, lamps.


To implement this interior in the fusion style, the following are suitable:

Living room furniture from the VEGA collection from the CHIARA PROVASI factory


Contrasting sofas and gilding will make even a living room with light walls bright.

Italian living room SALOTTO from the HORM factory


Blank slate to create a unique living room style. The collection includes not only sofas and armchairs, but also floor lamps, whatnots, tables and cabinets.


Traditional interiors, despite the love of manufacturers for new forms, are not a thing of the past. For premium interiors, collections are produced in the empire style, baroque, classic, rococo.

Examples of classic living room interiors:

Furniture composition in the Empire style from the BACCI STILE factory (Alysee collection)


Rococo furniture from ANTONELLI MORAVIO factory


Classic living room CLASSICO by SAT EXPORT


The secret of Italian style is simple: aesthetics and consistently high quality materials. For those who value the comfort and luxury of interiors, this is the best choice. A large selection of interior items of Italian brands is presented in the ARREDO furniture salon catalog.

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