A vintage gem: an old house in Hamburg with a modern finish

When someone moves, they say that the person has found a new home. Everything is different here: this house, according to the owners, found them himself. Due to its advanced age (over 200 years), the building was in a terrible state, but even that did not stop Frank and Daniela. They saw the Ideal Home in this building and made every effort to turn their ideal into reality.

This is how the story of the unhurried renovation of an old building on the outskirts of Hamburg began. In the eight months that have passed since the date of purchase, the house has not only increased in size, but also completely changed inside. At the same time, the spouses were not going to make it modern, but only to emphasize what the architect laid down. The result is a true vintage gem – an old building with a modern rustic finish.

On this virtual tour of a renovated old house, you will see the interiors of all rooms and the floor plans with furniture arrangement.


First of all, it is worth noting the general appearance of the house. The future owners liked its original look, so they kept the key details. For example, the paths and one of the facades are lined with stone, as befits a house with a long history.

They also match the traditional wooden shutters that replace curtains. The choice was not accidental: the spouses wanted to live “like on vacation,” so they did everything to let in as much light as possible into the rooms.


To complement the spa mood, Frank and Daniela made all the windows and doors in the French style – from the floor itself. Combined with white walls, they make every room spacious and not just light, but truly radiant. All windows and doors leading to the garden or terrace are decorated in this way.

modern-country-house-in-hamburg3 modern-country-house-in-hamburg4

The house is two-story, so before you walk through all the rooms of this country house, take a look at floor plans with furniture arrangement

modern-country-house-in-hamburg-plan-1fl modern-country-house-in-hamburg-plan-2fl

Now let’s look at each of the rooms separately.

Typically, the first place guests go is living room, so let’s start with it. The interior is striking with endless whiteness – everything is done in shades of white, from walls to furniture upholstery. Despite this, the room remains comfortable. It’s all about the careful selection of colors: cream tones are diluted with black accents that balance the whiteness and prevent the look from getting lost in the abundance of light.


Pay attention to the style of the living room. It is dominated by country-style furniture and materials – light wood, glass, wicker. But there are also modern elements such as a corner sofa and a designer armchair. Nevertheless, they do not look like foreign objects, because both are harmoniously blended into the interior: a sofa – with the help of pillows with traditional motives, an armchair – with the help of a sheepskin, which acts as a blanket.


The same room plays the role dining room… Pay attention to the convenient location: the dining area is illuminated from three sides at once, and from each place a scenic view of the terrace and winter garden opens up. The colors of nature inspired the couple, and green pillows and wicker chairs appeared in the dining room. The table itself is made of untreated wood, which once again emphasizes the unity of the interior and exterior of the house.


From the dining room you can directly go to the terrace or look into the glazed veranda with comfortable chairs for relaxation and leisurely conversation. In the cool season, here you can enjoy the view of the garden without leaving the warm home.


Kitchen in comparison with the spacious living-dining room, it is quite small (only 6 sq.m.). But this does not prevent the owners from realizing their love of cooking. Everything you need is hidden behind cabinet doors, and for frequently used utensils there is a trolley on the edge of the dining room.


However, calling this item a cart is not entirely correct, because it also serves as an additional surface for cooking. Thus, two tasks are solved at once: a small kitchen space is fully used, while everything you need is at hand and can be easily transported to another room if guests come.


Now let’s go up to the second floor. The refined taste of the owners is already visible in the hall – just take a look at this snow-white staircase of an unusual shape! Even the interior door is made to order – it is folding, not a swing door, but at the same time it is made with traditional French chic.


The spouses left the best memories of a vacation at sea, and bedroom they made it to remind of warm days on the coast. So they painted the walls light blue and supplemented them with textiles in the same palette, but in darker shades. The decor is also on the theme of the sea: ships, seagulls, resort landscapes.


Made in the same style bathroom… To expand storage reserves, materials are used that do not stand out from the marine theme – for example, wicker baskets. There are no traditional cabinets either – all bathroom accessories are stored right above the sink on the partition.


Not without a bit of humor. In the house, taking into account the attic, there are actually three floors, but the upper one is used only for storage. That is why there is no separate staircase to the attic, only an attached one. During the renovation process, one of the builders joked about the “luggage rack”, and Frank decided to perpetuate the joke. Now, right under the exit to the attic is written something like: “Luggage rack wishes you good night!”


So, today you saw what a modern country house of Dreams looks like in German. What does your Ideal Home look like?

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