45 square meters is a lot or a little: two-room apartments with visual space

45 sq. m. – is it a lot or a little? It is not enough if you do not know how to properly dispose of them. But if an experienced designer comes to the rescue, there is great potential in these meters. And the rooms that seemed small turn into very, very spacious.

In the next issue with ideas for small home owners, we have included two Spanish apartments of the same area – only 45 sq.m. But you will see: they do not look small! The secret lies in the correct organization of the space and some decorating tricks.

First, we will show the interiors of these small two-room apartments, and in parallel, we will tell you about the design findings in each of them. And at the end of the issue, we will analyze the techniques that it makes sense to take note of if your home is of a similar area.


interior of a small apartment of 45 sq.m in Madrid

Living area.

To win as much space as possible, the living room was combined with the kitchen and dining room. To visually delimit the space, decorative accents were added to each of the zones. So, the wall above the sofa is tiled with bricks. This is a great way to rejuvenate an apartment and add a touch of ease. And themed decor – a saxophone and a star lamp – create a party atmosphere.

The “cunning” multifunctional furniture also plays an important role. So, a corner sofa is actually a sofa bed with a module that easily turns into a chaise longue. An interestingly shaped table in the middle of the living room has as many as three levels and can be expanded as needed, like the kitchen table. Thanks to the economical furniture in the living room, there was even a place for a miniature workplace – right by the window.

Kitchen-dining room interior.

The kitchen is almost entirely white. But the completely white interior is appropriate only in the operating room, therefore, it was diluted with droplets of bright colors. The ceiling beam is decorated with vinyl records – the owners are fond of retro.

The fold-out table is covered with a multi-colored tablecloth, and under the stairs there is a rack with multi-colored facades. Note that white walls and surfaces spread light throughout the room, while bright accents grab attention by bringing the white backdrop to life.

Interiors of bedrooms, terraces and bathrooms.

A staircase leads directly to the bedroom. And here another “smart” furniture awaits us – a built-in wardrobe across the wall. It is located so as not to disturb anyone – along the wall opposite the window. And the door to the terrace is transparent so that there is always enough light in the room.

The bathroom is the most modest room in this apartment. Because there is not just anything superfluous here, but even the necessary is minimized. Please note: there is not even the usual cabinet under the sink. It is replaced by a pair of hanging modules at hand level – just exactly in order to accommodate the most necessary.


small apartment 45 sq.m in the center of Seville


The long shape of the apartment is always inconvenient. And if it still has a small area, the designer’s task to make it comfortable becomes more complicated. What did the pros come up with this time? Read on and look further!

Even at first glance, you can see clearly identified two zones in the apartment. The first is the guest area: a combined living room, kitchen and dining room. And a private corner – bedroom, bathroom and balcony.

Kitchen and living-dining areas clearly separated, but separated without any partitions. It’s all about color: the kitchen is white and red, the living room is white and gray.

But they do not seem to be disparate at all, because each of the parts has common details. Please note: red kitchen fronts – red floor lamp, gray sofa – chrome kitchen appliances.

The accent wall principle is repeated in bedroom… The wall above the headboard is painted in noble olive, and its duet with white adds volume to the space. And in the niche between the balcony door and the bathroom is a wardrobe.

Main attraction bathroom – an elegant, almost weightless glass sink, literally floating in the air. And instead of a traditional cabinet, there is a small two-tier bedside table, which serves as a dressing table if necessary.


tricks for a note – for owners of small apartments

And, in conclusion, about what unites these interiors. Borrow and you these techniques – they will help make a small space more spacious and more spacious visually.

1. Open plan. No partitions! Living room, kitchen and dining room may well coexist in one room, and at the same time look light and harmonious.

2. Using “folds of the terrain”. Niches, space under the stairs, built-in wardrobes – all this will significantly save space.

3. Multifunctional furniture. A modular sofa, a bed with a drawer, an opening ottoman – in general, any furniture inside which you can store something or use it for different purposes.

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